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Stirling Scene

Mayor Mark Irwin and CEO Stuart Jardine met with Ranger Darren Anderson to thank him for his exemplary service in saving a woman's life whilst on duty.

Welcome to the June edition of Stirling Scene

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Information contained in the below sections is accurate as of the June Scene release date, Friday 27 May 2022.

Welcome to the June edition of Stirling Scene for 2022.

Every now and then, whilst we are going about the business of local government, extraordinary circumstances can arise. Earlier this month I got to witness body camera footage of an extraordinary circumstance and the bravery of one of our own.

Darren, a new Ranger with the City's Community Safety team, was mid-way through his lunch break near a City reserve when he saw a young woman fighting for her life.

Over the next half an hour, Darren performed CPR until the ambulance arrived, and he managed the family and members of the community who were also attempting to assist. His background as a police officer in the United Kingdom and extensive training served him well, and no doubt saved her life.

We recognise his calmness under extreme pressure, and his service to the community.

We also recognised the many selfless volunteers who serve our community for National Volunteer Week, and I was pleased to write to each of them to thank them personally for all they do.

Looking ahead, this is an exciting time of the year, as Council does the serious work of creating a new budget that will wisely use ratepayer funds for the benefit of the community.

It is a chance for us to take stock of what has been working well, to make performance improvements where necessary, to make difficult decisions, and to make sure that we are on track to meet our strategic objectives.

We acknowledge and recognise the upcoming National Reconciliation Week (Friday 27 May - 3 June), and reaffirm our commitment both to celebrating the progress made thus far as well as being brave to make the changes needed into the future.

Finally, on behalf of the Council I would like to congratulate the Albanese Government on their success at the recent Federal Election. Congratulations to the local Members of Parliament re-elected including Ian Goodenough MP, Anne Aly MP and Patrick Gorman MP, as well as the new Member for Curtin Kate Chaney MP, and all Senators for Western Australia.

The clear voice of the national electorate favoured stronger action on climate change, including here in the City of Stirling. This is particularly welcome given the City's own ambitious yet achievable plan for 70 per cent emissions reductions and 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 on the road to achieving net zero by 2050.

The City will continue to advocate for State and Federal Government support for key projects and services, including for the Australian-first Trackless Tram technology between Scarborough Beach and Glendalough Train Station.

Mark Irwin

Public Open Space Strategy 2021-2031 adopted

Following community consultation, Council has adopted a long-term Public Open Space Strategy 2021-2031, which will guide and inform future decision-making consistent with best practice in the sector.

Fundamentally, public open space is provided to foster an active lifestyle and encourages positive health and wellbeing outcomes for the community.

These include opportunities and settings for informal play and physical activity, relaxation and social interaction, and formal structured sporting activities.

Under the new public open space strategy, localised suburb-by-suburb public open space plans identifying amenity improvements and addressing deficiencies will be progressed as a matter of priority.

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City facilities awarded waterwise gold status

Gold waterwise aquatic centre status has been awarded to the City’s Stirling Leisure Centres – Leisurepark Balga and newly refurbished Stirling Leisure Centres – Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre – Inglewood to acknowledge best practice in water management.

Stirling Leisure Centres – Scarborough Beach Pool, which won gold status in 2021, has been re-accredited with the gold recognition in 2022.

The Waterwise Council Program is an initiative of Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation that helps local governments adopt more water-efficient practices.

In April, the City of Stirling’s new five-year Waterwise Councils Action Plan (WCAP) 2021 – 2026 was approved by the Waterwise Councils program, and the City was re-endorsed as a 2021 Gold Waterwise Council.

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City celebrates volunteers

National Volunteer Week, Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteers, ran this year from Monday 16 May – Sunday 22 May.

All City of Stirling volunteers received a small gift of everlasting seeds in the mail, along with a personalised individual message and card signed by Mayor Mark Irwin.

The message on the card reads “Our volunteers plant the seeds of kindness”.

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City trials EV waste truck

The City of Stirling is conducting a four-week trial of a fully electric vehicle (EV) waste and recycling truck for our household collections.

The vehicle is currently on loan from our major collection partners, Veolia (formerly Suez), and generates zero emissions with no additional diesel or fuel costs to operate.

The vehicle will be subject to a wide range of different collection routes throughout the City, with the hope that this new technology stands up to the challenges of distance and urban density our current fleet encounters on a daily basis.

In 2021, the City announced it would purchase three EV replacements for the City's Parking Services team as part of the 2022/23 program. We also outlined an Electric Vehicle Feasibility Study would be developed to guide charging infrastructure and process changes needed to support this and maintain continuity of service to the community.

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Stirling Youth Advocates are recruiting

Are you a young person aged 16–24 years old who lives, works or plays in the City of Stirling? We want you!

Young people from across the City of Stirling are invited to come be part of our great youth collective, Stirling Youth Advocates, where you can be the voice of the youth, socialise, create and impact change.

If you are interested in joining, contact our Youth Development Officer Jose Zimama on Josephine.zimama@stirling.wa.gov.au.

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Community tree planting is back

Bring on that cooler street tree planting weather!

Street trees provide a range of benefits, making them one of our City's most important assets. This winter, the City will continue with its Urban Forest Plan aim to plant street trees on all available verge space – increasing the overall tree canopy cover from 12 to 18 per cent by 2040 - and you can help!

Gather your friends, family and neighbours and join us in planting street trees in your neighbourhood. Visit our website for more information on tree planting events near you.

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Book your next pool and spa inspection online

The City of Stirling has extended our online service offering with the release of a new digital form to book pool and spa inspections.

Residents can now choose the day and time of their pool and spa inspection using the new online booking form.

The booking form is available via the City of Stirling website, under pool safety and inspections.

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Voluntary Protected Tree Register plan passes Council

The City of Stirling Council has endorsed a plan to establish a Voluntary Protected Tree Register.

The Voluntary Protected Tree Register is intended to be introduced through an amendment to the City’s Local Planning Scheme, and will give landowners the option to nominate a tree to be protected, noting that only a landowner can nominate a tree on their property.

The amendments to the Local Planning Scheme required to implement the voluntary Protected Tree Register will be advertised and all submissions considered and presented to Council later in 2022.

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Augmented reality makes City parks magical

Have you checked out the City's Magical Parks yet? Become an Australian explorer, roam with dinosaurs or robots, or learn about recycling and saving the bees!

Three parks across the City of Stirling in Menora, Innaloo and Balga have become digital playgrounds. Using a phone or tablet, Magical Park combines outdoor play with gaming, and uses augmented reality to bring outdoor spaces to life.

Magical Park is free to play and perfect for children aged 6-11 years.

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Makuru — season of fertility

Local Aboriginal-owned graphic design agency, Norlap Creative, partnered with artist Teresa Miller to create six original artworks for the City of Stirling that share the story of the six Nyoongar seasons and Mooro Country native flora and fauna. The above artwork represents Makuru.

Makuru sees the coldest and wettest time of the year come into full swing. As the waterways and catchments started to fill, people were able to move about their country with ease and thus their food sources changed from sea, estuarine and lake foods to those of the lands in particular the grazing animals such as the kangaroo.

Find out what's going on in our City this season at www.stirling.wa.gov.au/events

Phase 1 of the Stephenson Avenue Extension (SAE) project – delivered by the City of Stirling – has been awarded for excellence by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia’s Western Australian Division (IPWEA WA).

Phase 1 of the project won the category for Excellence in Road Safety Projects and was highly commended in the Best Public Works Project Greater than $5 million (Metro) on Friday 11 March.

The IPWEA Excellence Awards are presented each year to encourage and recognise excellence in the innovation, development, construction and management of public works projects and the people involved.

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