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Use the promote your event form to submit your listing for promotion on the City's event calendar.

As a guide, external events submitted need to be:

  1. Held within the City of Stirling
  2. Open to the general public (free or considered affordable)
  3. Appealing to the City’s local community and visitors to the area
  4. Appropriate and not offensive, discriminatory, insular or political in nature
  5. Annual or one-off events, special events or event series
  6. Complies with local and state laws
  7. Categorised as one (or more) of the following: 
    • Community festivals/events 
    • Community markets
    • Live music and theatre performances
    • Food and wine festivals/events 
    • Art and cultural exhibitions/workshops
    • Major cultural celebrations
    • Major sporting events
    • Charity or not-for-profit events.

Please note

  • Inclusion of your event on the events calendar is at the discretion of the City of Stirling
  • High risk events, such as New Years Eve events for licensed venues will not be approved for the event calendar
  • Workshops and regular listings are unlikely to be included and will be considered only from not-for-profit organisations
  • Inclusion on the event calendar is for advertising purposes only, event applications and approvals with the City will still need to be sought, separate to this listing. 

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