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Living Green Program

The City of Stirling recognises that small changes can make a big difference to our environment over time and is encouraging residents and schools to start the journey towards more sustainable lifestyles.

The Living Green Program offers a range of incentives, rebates and workshops to help create sustainable homes and cool, green communities. With new programs becoming available throughout the year check the programs below and click here to subscribe to the Living Green Newsletter.


  • Plants and trees

    Thank you for your interest, the 2022 Waterwise plant giveaway and free tree program are now fully subscribed. 

    Free trees and plant list

    • Waterwise verge rebates 

      Thank you for your interest, applications for the Waterwise Verge Rebates are now closed.

      Thinking of creating a native, waterwise verge full of wildlife? The City is now offering rebates up to $500, plus a workshop with experts, and waterwise plants to help residents replace their grass with native plants.

      What support is available?

      • $500 and 40 plants for irrigated grass verges, or hardscaped verges larger than 80m2
      • $250 and 20 plants for irrigated grass verges, or hardscaped verges smaller than 80m2

      Please note, Grass irrigation will be verified via aerial imagery. Hardscaped verges are paved, concreted or similar, with no or very few existing plants.

      • $250 and 40 plants for non-irrigated verges larger than 80m2
      • $125 and 20 plants for non-irrigated verges smaller than 80m2 .

      Please note, non-irrigated verges must have no, or very few existing plants.



      Not eligible

      Residents of the City of Stirling


      Tenants of the City (with approval from property owner)

      Previous verge rebate recipients

      Strata properties (as one verge, via body corporate)

      Verges already transformed or where makeover has begun

      Participants from the previous year that did not complete makeover on time or claim their rebate




      29 November to 19 December 2021

      Applications open

      January 2022

      Successful applicants notified

      February 2022

      Makeover workshop with gardening experts

      Begin makeover

      April 2022

      Free waterwise plant giveaway to participants

      May 2022

      Deadline to complete makeover

      Submit claim

      June/July 2022

      Monetary rebates paid out


      Participants must agree to the following conditions:

      • Grass must be killed or removed prior to installation
      • Sprinkler reticulation systems must be capped or removed. Plants can be hand-watered during establishment or water efficient irrigation (drip or similar) can be installed and used only on rostered watering days
      • Landscaping must include 5-10cm mulch on all new garden bed areas
      • At least three quarters of new plants must be Waterwise  - such as Western Australian natives or those listed here
      • Installation of waterwise garden (plants and mulch) must cover a minimum of 20m2 or two-thirds of the available area, whichever is the greatest. Small verges (less than 20m2) must transform all of the available area into waterwise garden (plants and mulch)
      • ‘Before’ photos must be supplied with application forms and ‘after’ photos with claim forms. Before and after photos must be taken from the same angle (approximately). Participants agree photos may be used for promotional purposes
      • Verge modifications must follow the City’s Verge Treatment Guidelines and Policy (for example, plant height restrictions and acceptable materials)
      • Successful participants without a street tree will be automatically listed to receive one
      • Body corporate (or group of owners where body corporate doesn’t exist) must apply for strata properties with pre-agreement from all owners. A strata property cannot submit partial verge applications, or multiple verge applications over time. The verge space of a strata property is classified as one entity under this program and so can only be applied for once. This is subject to the same tiers, monetary rebate and conditions as above.
    • Sustainable verge awards

      The Sustainable Verge Awards aims to acknowledge community contributions to the establishment of nature strips throughout our streetscapes. These nature strips (verges) provide both ecological and social benefits related to key goals of our Waterwise Council endorsement, Urban Forest Plan, Local Biodiversity Strategy and Strategic Community Plan.

      Award categories

      1.Residential - Waterwise Nature Strip 

      Existing verge incorporates elements to reduce water consumption and encourage stormwater infiltration, such as: waterwise plants, use of recycled water, application of mulch, or efficient (drip style) irrigation systems.

      2.Residential - Biodiverse Nature Strip

      Existing verge incorporates elements to improve biodiversity such as a diverse range of local native plant species and an increase in habitat and food provision for native wildlife.

      3.Business/Organisation - Sustainable Nature Strip

      Existing verge includes:

      • Waterwise elements to reduce water consumption and encourage stormwater infiltration
      • Elements to improve biodiversity (increase local native plant species, and habitat and food for native wildlife)
      • Innovation, such as conversion to wheel strip parking which allows use of the space for biodiversity as well as by customers.


      Winners of each category will receive a $500 prize pack and runners-up in each category will receive a $250 prize pack. Winners will be notified by phone, email or social media in May 2022. Winners will also be promoted on the City’s Facebook page and website (photograph of verge will be included).
      One winner from each category will receive: $100 voucher – WA Wildflower Society Nursery, Water Smart Flow Meter, $350 voucher – Green Life Soil Co.
      One runner up from each category will receive: $50 voucher – WA Wildflower Society Nursery, Water Smart Flow Meter, $150 voucher – Green Life Soil Co.

      How to enter

      Entries/nominations are to be submitted by COB 31 May 2022, via:

      • Facebook comment on City of Stirling’s Sustainable Verge Awards post,including: category applying for, a description (<50 words) and a photograph, or
      • Email to sustainability@stirling.wa.gov.au including: the subject line ‘Sustainable Verge Awards’, category applying for, a description (<50 words) and a photograph.

      Terms and Conditions

      Learn more about the terms and conditions here.

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        Switch your thinking

        Switch your thinking

        The City has partnered with Switch your thinking to unlock a variety of discounts on energy efficient, waterwise and sustainable products. Think solar panels, batteries, rain tanks, pool blankets,& worm farms and more!

        To learn more about Switch your thinking and how you can access the rewards and discounts available, click here.

        For more information on the Living Green Program, contact the Sustainability Team on (08) 9205 8555.