Infrastructure and facilities projects

Learn about the City's upcoming, current and recently completed infrastructure and facilities projects.

Des Penman Sporting Pavilion Upgrade

The existing sporting pavilion at Des Penman Memorial Reserve was constructed in 1984 and has supported local sports at the reserve during this time.

The pavilion is home to the Nollamara Amateur Football Club in the winter season and the Nollamara Turf Cricket Club in the summer season. There are also a number of casual users of the reserve including Country Football, Country Cricket, HBF Fitness and Grasshopper Soccer.

The reserve serves as an important recreational and sporting destination for the surrounding community and the City has delivered improved recreational amenities in recent years including the provision of a new multi-sports court, outdoor exercise equipment and a new playground and picnic area.

A Master Plan for the reserve was adopted in 2012. The master plan provides an overarching vision for the reserve and identified the need for a multi-purpose community pavilion to accommodate football, cricket, tennis and bowling as well as other sport and recreation users. However, since the Master Plan was endorsed there have been changing sporting and community trends including the growth in female sports participation, improved governance and administration requirements and declining volunteers. The focus is now on the delivery of improving the central reserve sporting pavilion to enhance sporting and recreational opportunities for the existing users and local community.

The scope of the project includes refurbishing the existing sporting pavilion in-line with the City’s Building Provision Standards, and an extension to the southern end of the building that includes two additional change rooms and storage facilities.

The consultation and design phase has been completed with construction taking place from February 2020 and completing in August 2020.

The budget for the project includes Municipal funding and external funding from the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF)  and Sport Australia.

Herdsman Glendalough Precinct


In 2013 the City of Stirling commenced the Herdsman Glendalough Area Project. This project aims to facilitate the transition of Herdsman Glendalough over time into a high intensity mixed use area with improved public realm amenity and a strong focus on public transport.

To change the planning regulations to allow this to happen, an amendment to the City’s Local Planning Scheme is required to rezone the area to “Development Zone”. The Development controls for the area are then contained in a Structure Plan and Local Development Plan. A Development Contribution Plan will also be required to fund some of the infrastructure that will be required as a result of the planning intensification of the area. These planning documents are together termed the Planning Framework.

Ultimately the area will contain mid-rise and high-rise buildings housing an additional 22,000 people and be capable of providing an additional 20,000 jobs by 2051.

Project history

The Herdsman Glendalough Structure Plan was advertised for public comment on 20 January 2015. Key elements of the plan include:

Land use provisions:

  • Commercial and residential parking provisions
  • Locations of roads and proposed road reserves
  • New public open space locations
  • Explanatory information such as environment, movement networks etc.

The Detailed Area Plan was advertised on 3 March 2015 and will guide development and built form outcomes in the Herdsman Glendalough Area and will provide a basis for assessing development in the area. Key provisions of the Herdsman Glendalough Detailed Area Plan include:

  • Setbacks
  • Heights
  • Streetscape and building articulation
  • Plot ratio and height incentivised bonuses
  • Landscaping.

As part of the implementation of this project, an amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme was required to change the Metropolitan Regional Scheme designation of the area from Industrial to Urban. The Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment was advertised for public comment on 3 April 2014 by the WAPC. When advertised, the proposed Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment showed a large area as Future Urban due to the misapplication of State Planning Policy 4.3 Poultry Farms (now revoked), to an area around a poultry processing plant. Because of this, finalisation of the Structure Plan and Local Development Plans were put on hold while the issue was resolved.

The Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment was ultimately modified to remove the Future Urban designation and was gazetted on 5 January 2018 to rezone the area Urban. This enabled the City to recommence the project, and introduce the Development Zoning into its scheme on 21 August 2018 (Amendment 39).

Next steps

In October 2015 the State Government introduced the Planning and Development Act (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015. This changed the way that Structure Plans and Local Development Plans work and has necessitated rewriting the early Planning Framework so that it complies with the new regulations. In addition to this, the Development Contribution Plan for the area needs to be completed and publicly advertised.

This work will be carried out over 2018/2019.

Inglewood Oval/Hamer Park Redevelopment

The City is currently undertaking community consultation on this project.

For more information on the Inglewood Oval/Hamer Park Redevelopment, including a document library, FAQs and key contacts, please visit our, please visit our Your Say project page.

Moorland Street 'Bicycle Boulevard'

In a mature suburban environment, creating new cycle route becomes problematic. The Moorland Street Bicycle Boulevard project is the first ‘complete route’ to be planned under the City of Stirling’s Integrated Cycling Strategy. It has involved creating a safe bike route connecting two major activity centres and is designed to provide a safe riding environment for all levels of experience.

Community outcomes

The bike route has created a shared road riding environment, servicing almost 6,000 properties accessible from connecting streets. The movement of bicycles has been given priority over the movement of vehicles. Following upgrades to infrastructure and intersection priorities, travel by bicycle on this route will become safe, direct and convenient with minimal impediment from traffic or pedestrians.

Next steps

The next stages of this bike route’s construction will be completed over the coming budget years. The City will continue to work in conjunction with the state government, to support and encourage community members to adopt bicycles as a preferred mode of transport, using education, skills-training and associated services, by providing high quality strategic bike routes.

Princess Wallington Community Parkland

In 2017 the City of Stirling committed funding to the Princess Wallington Community Parkland project in Balga. The project will revitalise aging facilities and provide the community with accessible and free recreational options to create a new community hub that will attract a wide range of users and community events. The City is contributing $4 million to the project, and Lotterywest have also provided the City with a $2.34 million grant for the project.

What is included in the Community Parkland?

The Community Parkland includes:

  • Skate facility and dirt BMX track
  • Multi-courts (soccer, basketball and netball), parkour and youth area (includes seating, in-ground trampolines and Wi-Fi)
  • Formalised car parking
  • Parkland and picnic amenity and open grassed space
  • Public art
  • Regional playground
  • Community event and market space.

Included within these areas are barbeques, shelters, public toilets, seats, drink fountains and bins.

Award win

In 2016, the City received a High Commendation for the overall Princess Wallington Community Parkland project from Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA). Recognised in the Leisure and/or Open Space Planning category, the honour acknowledged the project's exceptional level of engagement with the community and innovative planning approaches.

For more information, visit the Princess Wallington Project Page


Princess Wallington Community Parkland project is proudly supported by Lotterywest

Stephenson Avenue Extension

The Stephenson Avenue extension is the exciting first stage in the transformation of the Stirling City Centre. It will see the City extending the Stephenson Avenue local road network from Scarborough Beach Road to Cedric Street. It will also include a new Freeway interchange, delivered by Main Roads WA.

Currently in the design development phase, the extension will be delivered in three phases. Phase 1 is anticipated to begin at the beginning of  2020, subject to stakeholder and agency approvals being provided.

  • Phase 1 Stephenson Ave, Scarborough Beach Road - Sarich Court connection (delivered by the City).
  • Phase 1A Sarich Court connection - Cedric Street (delivered by the City)
  • Phase 2 Freeway interchange (delivered by MRWA).

The extension has received a commitment of $60 million in State Government funding and $65 million in Federal Government funding.

For more information, please visit the Your Say project page. 

Whale Park

Lotterywest funded Whale Playground

The Lotterywest funded Whale Park Playground continues to entertain children of all abilities with designs that include a 'soft fall' surface, access ramps and unique play spaces to engage children in creative play.