Community improvement initiatives

Here you will find the City's community improvement initiatives created to enable thriving and liveable communities through cultivating plans, strategies and framework.

Age Friendly Strategy

The City values the contribution that older people have made to enrich our City and we will provide a healthy, stimulating and safe environment where older people can enjoy good health and continue to participate in the community. The City of Stirling Age-Friendly Strategy is based on these: 

  • Outdoor spaces and the built environment
  • Health and community support 
  • Communication and information
  • Civic engagement
  • Housing
  • Inclusion and respect
  • Transport
  • Social participation. 

Planning for an age-friendly City is one of the most effective ways to meet the needs of older residents and delivers many benefits to the whole community. An age-friendly City does not just benefit older people, but people of all ages, including children, parents, families and people living with a disability.

Document nameDownloadable files
Age Friendly Strategy 2017-202218.4MB (PDF)

Reconciliation Action Plan

The City’s Reconciliation Action Plan was developed with help from Indigenous organisations and communities as well as the broader community.

Partnerships are essential for the successful implementation of the plan, as we work towards building a stronger community where relationships are based on respect, appreciation and understanding of each other’s cultures, traditions and lifestyles.

More information on the Reconciliation Action Plan can be found here.

Document nameDownloadable files
Reconcilliation Action Plan 2018 - 20208.6MB (PDF)
Reconciliation Action Plan 2014 - 20162.0MB (PDF)