Event opportunities

Every year, the City of Stirling provides and supports a range of events with in the City, for the community.

By providing and supporting these events, the City of Stirling is helping to build connected, positive communities, and ensuring that the City is active and vibrant all year round.

The City's 2020 Arts and Events program offers a fantastic opportunity to reach a wide and engaged audience, showcase your talents/organisation and align yourself with a reputable brand.

Our current events program consists of:

  • KATENA - Architects of Air 2019 
  • Art and Photography Awards 2019
  • Sunset Veranda 2020
  • WAAPA in the Park 2020.

Expressions of interest

We invite expressions of interest from artists, entertainers, community organisations and venues with exciting and unique performances, events, projects and spaces to be a part of the City of Stirling’s annual arts and events program. We would also like to hear from potential sponsors, suppliers and individuals wanting to work or volunteer at our City run events.

To be considered, all activities must be held within the City of Stirling, be of high quality, inclusive, diverse and accessible to the community. Expressions of interest are accepted throughout the year. For more information, please read the following Arts and Events Expressions of Interest Pack 2020.

However, specific deadlines do exist for particular events.

  • 1 July 2019 - Sunset Veranda 2020 Expressions of Interest open
  • 18 September 2019 (Deadline extended) - Sunset Veranda 2020 Expressions of Interest close
  • 31 September 2019 - Sunset Veranda 2020 Program finalised
  • 15 February 2020 - WAAPA in the Park 2020 Expressions of Interest close
  • 1 March 2020 - WAAPA in the Park 2020 Program finalised.

Expression of interest - events

For further information, please contact the events team at culture@stirling.wa.gov.au.

Food vendors at events

Some events require short-term food services. If your organisation can supply mobile food or drinks please submit an expression of interest today.

Expression of interest - food vendors

All temporary food businesses must complete a 12-month permit application, including charity and community fundraising businesses. Before filling out the form, we suggest you read our standards guidelines, obtain permission from the event organiser and make sure your public liability insurance is up to date.

Please note, businesses will be required to pay a fee to trade at City of Stirling events. 

Food guidelines and application

Buskers and entertainers

Live entertainment adds to the City’s vibrancy and helps to create an atmosphere where people want to be.

However, there are several considerations that we need to make before allowing buskers and entertainers to occupy our streets. 

Please contact the City's Community Safety team on (08) 9205 8555 and ensure you have a minimum $20 million Public Liability Insurance prior to enquiring.