Supplier register form

Use this form to register as a supplier with the City.
Does your business operate from a suburb within the City of Stirling?*

To view the City of Stirling boundaries, click here to visit Stirling Maps.

Is your business classed as a ‘Small Business’?*

The City defines a small business as a business that employs fewer than 20 people and has a turnover less than $10m per annum.

Is your business an Aboriginal Business as defined under the Local Government Act 1995?*

The Local Government Act 1995 defines an Aboriginal Business as a registered on the WA Aboriginal Business Directory as a published by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia or registered with the Australian Minority Supplier Office Limited (T/A Supply Nation).

Do you make significant purchases from other businesses within the City of Stirling? *
Vaccine information

Please confirm that you will comply with all applicable Commonwealth and State public health legislation (including all orders and directions) relating to the mandatory vaccination of workers, including any requirement to collect, maintain and produce records of workers' vaccination status