Street tree planting FAQs

The City of Stirling is committed to increasing the tree canopy cover on City-owned land for future generations.

Information relating to commonly asked street tree planting questions can be found below. 

Can I request additional trees?

Where space allows and the City’s street tree placement guidelines are satisfied, additional trees can be requested.

If you’d like to request additional trees, please submit a new enquiry via the customer enquiry form.

Can I request a species of tree?

Consistent avenues of street trees have been found to add value to properties and also create a sense of character and uniformity. 

A tree species is typically determined by the dominant tree species within the streetscape. However, in some instances the City can offer flexibility on the species to be planted.

If you would like to enquire about a different species of tree, please submit a new enquiry via the customer enquiry form.

Can I change the location of a tree?

When enquiring about a change of location, please note: 

  • There is a set alignment in which street trees are planted in accordance with the Utility Service Providers Code of Practice
  • The standard alignment runs 2.4 – 3 m from the front property boundary (typically 2.7m) in line with existing trees and above ground power services
  • A distance of 2m from driveways and 3m from property lines (neighbors) is typically maintained

There is some flexibility on planting locations to accommodate accessibility and personal preferences where practicable - including verge parking and access, and vegetation.

If you’d like to request an adjustment to the location of your street tree, please submit a new enquiry via the customer enquiry form.

It also helps if you place a marker (such as a garden stake or spray paint) in the preferred location. If your nominated position does not meet the guidelines, it will be adjusted to the closest compliant location. 

The City marks its planting locations one week prior to installation. If no alternate location has been nominated (as per above), trees will be installed in the original location.

What about reticulation?

We understand that many people have reticulated verges and this can pose some issues, however reticulation doesnt mean a tree cant be planted.  Locations can be adjusted to accomodate existing reticulations systems. You can also help avoid damage by marking out retic or requetsing a location adjustment as detailed above by submitting a new enquiry via the customer enquiry form.

Whilst effort is always made to avoid damage to reticulation in the installation process, sometimes it can occur. In the event that damage to reticulation does occur, residents can contact the City to assess and address where deemed appropriate.

What about paving or synthetic lawn (surface treatments)?

Where a hardstand verge treatment such as paving, synthetic turf or concrete has been placed on the verge, it is a condition of the City’s verge treatment policy that a street tree must be planted.

Currently hardstand verge treatments are restricted within the City and may only be applied to a maximum of one third of the verge area. Prior to mid-2013 the total verge area could have a hardstand treatment applied, though provision needed to be made to plant a street tree. 

Where verge treatments have been installed before the 2013 policy change or by a previous owner, the City will make the necessary modification at no expense to current owners to enable the planting of a street tree.

To find out further information relating to Tree Wells and verge treatments within the City:

There is some flexibility on tree well locations. Detail on location requirements can be found in the street tree placement guidelines and in the location adjustment section above. 

What about turfed verges?

Property owners are encouraged to consider moving away from turfed and reticulated verge spaces and towards water smart (and low maintenance) plantings instead.

More information on verge gardens can also be found on the sustainability initiatives page.

Thinking about developing?

To avoid jeopardising young trees during the construction phase, locations with pending or current developments are excluded from block planting programs.  

Where tree planting has been set as a condition for the development, fees and conditions (as set out in the development approval) apply.  

To find out more, please visit the trees and development page.

If you would like to apply for exemption due to a pending development, please submit a new enquiry via the customer enquiry form.

Can I request an area or street for planting?

The City plants on average 5,000 new street trees each year through a range of programs with a focus on streets that lack tree canopy cover.

Areas are selected based on a number of factors, including available space, existing services and infrastructure as well as any future works that may be planned for a street or area.

Once an area has been identified for planting, the City assigns species in line with the City’s Urban Forest Plan with emphasis on diversity and ensuring optimal utilisation of available space to increase tree canopy cover.

If you have an area that you would like to nominate for tree planting, please submit a new enquiry via the customer enquiry form.

What if my enquiry isn't listed?

If you have any other questions relating to street tree planting, please submit a new enquiry via the customer enquiry form.