Sustainability initiatives

The City of Stirling strives to build a sustainable future for the community, protecting and improving the environment by using natural resources wisely, reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and protecting wildlife and natural habitats.

For more information on the City's sustainability projects, please see the environmental projects page.

Balloons - don't release them

Balloons - don't let them go

When helium balloons are released into the sky they eventually freeze and shatter, falling back to earth as litter.

These leftover peices often land in the ocean and look like jellyfish or squid - a favourite food of many fish, whales, turtles and seabirds. Even balloons labelled as 'biodegradable' can take between one to four years to degrade, leaving plenty of time for them to be eaten or to entangle wildlife.

The City of Stirling asks people to not release helium balloons at our reserves and facilities. Please help us to keep our City's sky and sea litter-free and safe for all animals.

For more information, view the helium balloon fact sheet here.

Living Green Program 

The City of Stirling recognises that small changes can make a big difference to our environment over time and is encouraging residents and schools to start the journey towards more sustainable lifestyles. The Living Green Program offers a range of incentives, rebates and workshops to help green the City, use less water and energy and reduce waste. The 2019/20 program will be launched in October 2019, to stay in the loop please subscribe to the Living Green Newsletter here.

Living Green Schools

Whether your school is beginning the journey towards sustainability or already on the path, the City’s tiered pilot program for schools offers a wide range of incentives, support and sponsorship to keep you moving forward. To learn more about the program, click here.

Free trees

Get trees to plant in your garden to add shade, colour and to help make your home cool.

What you can get

Two free trees to plant in private property

Eligibility criteria and conditions

  • Available to homeowners and tenants of the City of Stirling who reside at the address at which the trees will be planted
  • Only two trees can be claimed per address per year
  • Trees can only be planted within private property, not on the verge
  • Residents cannot claim trees for investment properties at which they do not reside
  • Tenants require landlord's permission to claim trees
  • Collect your trees at one of our Free Tree Events.

Registrations and assistance to help you select the right tree for your garden will begin in February 2020. 

Want to be notified as soon as registrations for this offer open? Enter your email address here and we will be in touch in early February to remind you to register for your 2 free trees.

Free workshops

Learn more about saving water, reducing energy use and waste in your home and growing our urban forest. To find out about available sustainability workshops, please see the bottom of the page and click 'see all events', and subscribe to the Living Green Newsletter here.

Free home sustainability audits

This program provides expert advice tailored to individuals' homes. Learn how to save money and increase comfort levels in your home. Make simple changes to care for the environment by reducing your energy, gas and water usage.

Details of the Home Sustainability Audit:

  • Homeowners and tenants are encouraged to apply
  • The audit will be provided free to Stirling residents on behalf of the City
  • You will need 12 months billing history for electricity, gas and water use in your home. This will allow the auditor to assess your consumption patterns and costs across the seasons. If you don’t have all of these bills you can discuss this with the auditor when they contact you
  • After you complete this registration form the auditor will be in touch within one month to assess your eligibility and arrange a convenient time to carry out the audit
  • The audit will occur in your home and takes around 90 minutes.

Conditions of eligibility:

  • Audit households must be located within the City of Stirling
  • You must not have previously received a Home Sustainability Audit at your current address
  • Households that have low energy and water use may not be eligible for an audit
  • You must make a concerted effort to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice if the audit is to be rescheduled or cancelled. Late notice may make you ineligible to reschedule.
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Grass to natives rebate

Do you have a grassed verge? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and create a native, waterwise verge full of wildlife? We may be able to help you achieve your goal!

What support is available?

  • $125 rebate and 20 Waterwise native verge plants for non-irrigated verges smaller than 80m2
  • $250 rebate and 20 Waterwise native verge plants for irrigated verges up to 80m2
  • $250 rebate and 40 Waterwise native verge plants for non-irrigated verges of 80m2 or more
  • $500 rebate and 40 Waterwise native verge plants for irrigated verges of 80m2 or more

Terms and conditions

  • Preference will be offered to residents who attend the Grass to Native verge workshop on the morning of Saturday 8 February 2020. You will be automatically registered for this workshop on application and details will be provided via email. 
  • Applicants must be residents of the City of Stirling (not open to businesses)
  • Applicants must have approval from the property owner
  • Applicants must not have claimed the rebate in previous years
  • Not open for verges with existing plants other than grass
  • Sprinkler reticulation systems must be capped or removed. Plants can be hand-watered during establishment or water efficient irrigation (drip or similar) can be installed and used only on rostered watering days
  • Landscaping must include 5 - 10cm mulch and at least five (5) Waterwise plants (such as Western Australian natives)
  • Transformation must include all of the available verge area in very small verges (less than 20m2). Larger verges must transform 20m2 or two-thirds of the available area, whichever is the greatest.

The grass to natives rebate program has now closed. 

Switch your thinking

The City has partnered with Switch your thinking to unlock a variety of discounts on energy efficient, waterwise and sustainable products. Think solar panels, batteries, rain tanks, pool blankets, worm farms and more! To learn more about Switch your thinking and how you can access the rewards and discounts available, click here. 

For information on volunteering with sustainability groups, please visit the volunteering page.