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Current tree projects

The City operates several street tree planting programs during the winter months in an effort to increase canopy cover from the current level of 12% to 18% by 2040.

Tree Planting Program map

How to use the map

How to use the map

  • The tree planting map highlights areas that are proposed for planting across the entire City - areas are encased inside the dark green shapes.
  • Zoom into the highlighted areas to take a closer look at the tree planting plans or by searching an address in the top right-hand corner.
  • The legend (pictured) of the map provides a guide as to what can be found within the map
  • Click on icons within the map to find out more information
  • Each planting area will hold a Community Tree Planting event, look out for the meeting locations and don’t forget to register below.
To find out more, view the street tree map
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Answers to frequently asked questions about planting are available below: 

Planting FAQs

We encourage local residents to join in planting trees on their streets on the day of the Community Tree Planting event. After care packs are available to residents who participate in planting the tree alongside their property. 

Make sure you register to your local Community Tree Planting Event here

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Planting locations and event dates

Street tree planting - Trigg

Planting location information


Current canopy %


Tree mark-up start date

12 - 14 April 2023

Planting period Late April - Early May 2023

Planting locations

  • Duart Road
  • Lynn Street
  • Charles Riley Road
  • Vernon Street
  • Garland Way
  • Turnbull Way
  • Karrinyup Road

Street tree planting - Yokine

Planting location informationYokine 
Current canopy %12.57
Tree mark-up start date1 - 3 May 2023
Planting period 

May 2023

Planting locations
  • Moulden Avenue
  • Raymond Street
  • Lawley Street
  • Tuart Street
  • Golf View Street
  • Lockwood Street
  • Cornell Street
  • Cabell Street
  • Heaton Road

Street tree planting - Dianella

Planting location informationDianella 
Current canopy %10.81
Tree mark-up start date17 -19 May 2023
Planting period

Late May - Mid June 2023

Planting locations
  • Lancaster Street
  • Crawford Road
  • Boulton Street
  • Harold Street
  • Cleveland Street
  • Valerie Street
  • Elsegood Street
  • Wordsworth Street

Street tree planting - Carine

Planting location information


Current canopy %19.39
Tree mark-up start date15 - 17 June 2023
Planting period

Late June - Mid July 2023

Planting locations
  • Risley Way
  • Wessex Street
  • Monyash Road
  • Excalibur Way
  • Tresise Street
  • Guinevere Way
  • Crown Court
  • Galahad Way
  • Kings Court
  • Camelot Street
  • Arthur Court

Street tree planting - Balcatta

Planting location information


Current canopy %7.99
Tree mark-up start date12 - 14 July 2023
Planting period

Late July - Early August 2023 

Planting locations
  • Green Avenue
  • Sylvia Street
  • Barker Avenue
  • Milton Avenue
  • Collier Avenue
  • Wilcock Avenue
  • Campion Avenue

Street tree planting - Nollamara

Planting location information


Current canopy %7.94
Tree mark-up start date2 - 4 August 2023
Planting period 

August 2023

Planting locations
  • Monterey Court
  • Monterey Street
  • Hillsborough Drive
  • Berkeley Avenue
  • Vermont Street
  • Montrose Way
  • Montrose Street
  • Canterbury Court
  • Lemana Road
  • Kindra Way
  • Braewood Court

Street tree planting - Doubleview

Planting location information


Current canopy %9.81
Tree mark-up start date16 - 18 August 2023
Planting period 

Late August - Early September 2023

Planting locations
  • Ewen Street
  • Bowra Avenue
  • Muriel Avenue
  • Hazel Avenue
  • Grant Street
  • Mahlberg Avenue
  • Huntriss Road
  • Sydenham Road
  • Princess Road
  • Paramatta Road
  • Auborough Street
  • Lynton Street