History and Heritage Awards open for submissions

10 January 2022

Following the most successful biennial Art Awards and Exhibition in 2021 to date, the City of Stirling is proud to present its biennial History and Heritage Awards 2022.

Held on alternate years to the Art Awards, the History and Heritage Awards 2022 will recognise the efforts made by individuals and groups to conserve the City’s history and heritage.

Award categories including conservation efforts for heritage places in the built environment and streetscape, as well as the education and promotion of history and heritage through local stories, families, research and events.

Mayor Mark Irwin said he was pleased to see a program capable of acknowledging and conserving a broad cross-section of the City’s history and heritage.

“Our history is diverse and thought-provoking. From the rich stories of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and connection to Mooro Country, to the important role migrants have played in the City of Stirling’s story, and the built form and architectural examples of that multicultural heritage,” he said.

“We are rich with places, buildings, areas, parks, ruins, gardens and streetscapes that reflect our diverse history, and the preservation of this heritage is an essential part of building a future together.

“As well as conserving those things from our past, it’s important we educate ourselves and promote a deeper understanding of our history, encouraging research and pursuing forgotten parts of our past.”

Named for the patron and historian of the Mount Lawley Society, the Barrie Baker Special Recognition Award may be presented where it is considered an achievement deserves special commendation, or there is the need to recognise an achievement that does not fall within another category.

Conservation or restoration of a heritage place, sensitive adaptation of a heritage building, excellence in design and construction of infill buildings in a heritage area, as well as the landscaping of gardens and places are all relevant sub-categories permissible under the awards.

The City's 2022 History and Heritage Awards are now open for applications until Monday 14 February 2022. 

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