History and heritage awards

The City established the biannual History and Heritage Awards to recognise the efforts made by individuals and groups in the pursuit of conserving the City’s history and heritage.

The City's 2022 History and Heritage Awards are now open for applications until Friday 14 January 2022.

Heritage Awards 2021

Heritage categories

  • Conservation of the built environment and streetscape
  • Education and promotion of history and heritage
  • The Barrie Baker special recognition award.
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History Award 2020 winners 

Stirling memories: a photograph with a story

A photograph taken within the City of Stirling before 1990 with a caption and a short story (up to 200 words).



Runner up


Stirling memories: A photograph with a story

Winner - Ben Saraceni  

‘Setting up camp - Yokine Bushland, circa 1953’

The photo shows Ben’s two brothers with a group of friends standing in front of a Ford at a bush clearing in Yokine, miles away from the nearest bitumen road.

Ben writes about life in the 1950s being poles apart to life as we know it today, with Australians adjusting to life after the war, and when rationing had almost disappeared.

It offers an insight into simpler times and an early view of Yokine, which is very different to how many of us know the area today as a full developed suburb.

Stirling memories: A photograph with a story

Runner up - Brad Lambert

For his photo and short story about his dad, Gerry Lambert

The photo shows Gerry Lambert in the late 1940s or early 1950s crossing Seventh Avenue in Inglewood, dressed in casual forties clothes.

The photo shows homes in the background which are still standing today in Carrington Street, and the lack of cars is a reflection of the times.

Stirling memories: a photograph with a caption

A photograph taken within the City of Stirling before 1990 with a caption (up to 10 words).



Runner up


Stirling memories: A photograph with a caption

Winner - Guiseppe D’Alonzo

Shared a photo of himself walking to his first day of School at Saint Kieran Primary School in February 1959.

The photo captures a rarely seen view of Hutton and Hector Streets in Osborne Park, with no traffic in sight, and vast open space.

The photo illustrates the early school uniforms and school case, and little Guiseppe is clearly very proud to be on his way to his first day of school.

Stirling memories: A photograph with a caption

Runner up - Marcia Farris

Runner up for her entry of students from Scarborough Senior High School leaving for a sports camp in 1961.

The photo shows some of the students smiling in their school blazers, wearing hats on what looks like a windy day.

The background shows the old Scarborough High School, which was demolished amid a great deal of community discussion.

Youth entry award

16 - 18 years old are invited to take a photograph of a building, place or event in the City of Stirling and write why this is special to you (up to 150 words).


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Runner up

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Youth entry award

Livia Mangione

Snapped a photo of a 1953 hot rod outside her family home in Menora.

Livia’s explanation of the photo points out that the older car dates the photo, and made her think of how it would have been like to grow up without modern technology such as iPhones, TV and other devices.

Livia wonders whether life before technology was more family orientated and wholesome, filled with family picnics, open air cinema and visits hand churned ice cream.

Youth entry award

Mirinda Papertalk

Captured a photo and story around the importance of Mirrabooka Softball Complex.

Showing a photo of Mirinda and her team mates in the Under 17s representing WA, she talks about how what this sport as brought her over the past 10 years.

The photo illustrates young people working together as a team in our community, participating in a sport they are passionate about and building lifelong friendships along the way.

Heritage Award 2020 winners

Conservation of the built environment and streetscape

This award is aimed at promoting the conservation of heritage places in the built environment. For example, a building or group of buildings, a private garden or a public park, ruins or a streetscape.

Sub-categories include:

  • Conservation or restoration of a heritage place
  • Sensitive adaptation of a heritage building
  • Excellence in design and construction of infill buildings in a heritage area
  • Landscaping, gardens and places.
Heritage awards winner

Joint winner - Featherby House, 41 Summerhayes Drive

“This is an extraordinary restoration of a rare and highly significant Iwan Iwanoff designed residence.  The research to gain an understanding of the building’s original design and specification has resulted in an authentic and highly skilled recreation of Iwanoff’s original intent.  It is considered that the restoration has enhanced the heritage significance of the property by improving the interpretation of this architectural style. Particular mention should go to the quality of the workmanship undertaken to restore the cabinetry internally which is an accurate reproduction of the original. Featherby himself was a cabinet maker and this was a focus of the original home.”

Heritage awards winner

Joint winner - 49 Clotilde Street, Mount Lawley

“Forming part of a sensitively designed home renovation, the reconstruction of the veranda and external conservation of this property has been delivered with expert quality craftmanship and attention to detail. The skills and techniques used are of a standard rarely seen on typical home renovation projects of this scale, as a result the overall outcome enhances the presence of this iconic property in the streetscape.  It is considered a benchmark standard for home renovation in the City’s Heritage Protection Area and is worthy of recognition as a joint winner.”

High commendation

High Commendation - 17 Inverness Crescent, Menora

"The owners have taken great care in researching and understanding the history of this property and as a result have been able to retain and conserve the original intent of the building’s interwar character. The outcome is an elegant 21st century home with an art-deco splendour at its heart."


Commendation for design and infill development 3 Wenberi Lane, Mount Lawley

“This is a highly considerate and well-designed piece of urban infill which respects the adjacent streetscape character and helps to activate a lane in the City’s Heritage Protection Area.”

Education and promotion of heritage

This award may be presented to an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution towards the education and promotion of the City of Stirling’s heritage.

Entries of a research nature, photographic collections, self published books rand/or projects relating to more than one property with the intention of creating history or heritage appreciation etc. will also be considered in this category.

Education and promotion of heritage

Osborne Park Uniting Church, 164 Edward Street

“For over 100 years the congregation of this Church have taken great care in maintaining the building as an asset to the community. In doing so they have educated the broader community on the value of heritage conservation and promoted the use of this building into the future.

A remarkable story of community led heritage restoration. When this community built the church in 1915 they probably did not expect that this modest building would one day have heritage value. It is through their combined efforts that the building remains and has significance to the City today and into the future.”

The Barrie Baker special recognition award

This award is presented where an achievement deserves special commendation, or for an achievement that does not fall into another category.

The Barrie baker special recognition award

The "Barrie Baker Special Recognition Award" has been awarded to Margaret Summers for the loving care she and her family over many generations have given Windsor Hall, 36 Queen’s Crescent, Mount Lawley

This highly significant heritage landmark has been in the ownership of the same family since the 1930’s. The building demonstrates successive waves of occupation over the last 100 years and stands a tribute to the development of this area, which is now significant piece of our community’s social history and heritage. Over three generations this family has conserved the building’s contribution to the Mount Lawley streetscape and has taken an active role in the promotion and conservation of the Mount Lawley Heritage Protection Area.”

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