Tender register

The City of Stirling has awarded the following contracts as a result of the tender process.


Document nameDownloadable files
19.022.S.IFT Yokine Bowling Club Air Conditioning81.6KB (PDF)
19.012.P.IFT Tree Maintenance and Arboricultural Advisory and Audit Services99.6KB (PDF)
19.017.S.IFT Purchase of Cardiovascular Equipment for the Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre and Other Deliverables90.8KB (PDF)
19.020.S.IFT Scarborough Library Modifications and Upgrades260.5KB (PDF)
18.057.S.IFT Butlers Reserve Clubroom Upgrade85.9KB (PDF)
19.018.S.IFT Reader Reserve Clubroom Refurbishment88.9KB (PDF)
19.007.S.IFT Osborne Park Bowling Club Toilets Upgrade92.0KB (PDF)
19.011.S.IFT Refurbishment of Mirrabooka Community Centre Dryandra Reserve Mirrabooka86.5KB (PDF)
18.040.P.IFT Supply and Installation of Irrigation Systems87.7KB (PDF)
18.045.P.IFT Community and Home Based Care Support Services232.2KB (PDF)
18.047.P.IFT Drainage and associated works224.2KB (PDF)
18.051.S.IFT Vehicle Mounted CCTV114.9KB (PDF)
19.009.S.IFT Refurbishment Work at Herb Graham Community Centre Mirrabooka92.9KB (PDF)
18.019.S.IFT Design and Contract Administration Works for Princess Wallington Community Parkland83.0KB (PDF)
18.020.S.IFT Riding for the Disabled Internal Refurbishment76.9KB (PDF)
18.021.S.IFT Balcatta (Stirling Saints) Football Club Internal Refurbishment79.3KB (PDF)
18.022.S.IFT Balga Community Centre DDA Upgrade84.7KB (PDF)
18.023.S.IFT Greek Macedonian Association Re-roofing Works128.2KB (PDF)
18.024.S.IFT Refurbishment Work at Herb Graham Community Centre Mirrabooka224.0KB (PDF)
18.032.S.IFT Millington Reserve (Scarborough) Football/Baseball Clubrooms Upgrade103.5KB (PDF)
18.035.S.IFT Administration Building Staff Break-Out Areas Internal Upgrade89.2KB (PDF)
18.037.S.IFT Construction of Beach Access Stairs at James and Sorrento Street85.1KB (PDF)
18.039.S.IFT Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Rainman MP Controllers237.6KB (PDF)
18.042.S.IFT Dianella Regional Open Space (ROS) Clubroom 4 Refurbishment115.6KB (PDF)
18.018.P.IFT Supply and Delivery of Automotive Spare Parts and Associated Products103.8KB (PDF)
18.017.S.IFT Provision of Solar Photovoltaic Systems133.0KB (PDF)
18.010.S.IFT Collection and Distribution of Cash77.1KB (PDF)
18.013.S.IFT Relationship Management System88.7KB (PDF)
18.014.S.IFT Provision of Duct, Filter and High Level Cleaning Services for the City of Stirling Buildings80.2KB (PDF)
18.008.P.IFT Bushland Maintenance and Conservation Services105.9KB (PDF)
18.004.P.IFT Plant and Equipment Hire107.9KB (PDF)
18.009.S.IFT Pest Control Services252.5KB (PDF)
18.002.P.IFT Universal Access Shelters and Furniture88.2KB (PDF)
18.001.P.IFT Printing and Marketing Material85.7KB (PDF)
18.003.P.IFT Landscape Services95.2KB (PDF)
18.005.S.IFT Design, Provision and Maintenance of the City of Stirling Website97.0KB (PDF)
18.007.P.IFT Installation of Brick Paving within the City of Stirling76.1KB (PDF)
18.006.S.IFT Charles Riley Reserve Clubrooms - Building 5 Refurbishment94.4KB (PDF)
18.016.P.IFT Supply and Installation of Fencing and Associated Products98.1KB (PDF)