Tender register

The City of Stirling has awarded the following contracts as a result of the tender process.

In progress

Document nameDownloadable files
46137 Integrated Waste Management System142.8KB (PDF)


Document nameDownloadable files
45693 Online Time and Attendance system246.1KB (PDF)
46101 Birralee Reserve Lower Toilet and Changeroom Renewal274.1KB (PDF)
45859 Lift Maintenance Services132.3KB (PDF)
46035 Supply and Installation of Parks Plumbing Infrastructure and Associated Works156.7KB (PDF)
40871 Fire Maintenance Services164.4KB (PDF)
41449 Tree Maintenance, Arboricultural Advisory & Audit Services182.2KB (PDF)
45684 Electric Vehicle Feasibility Study146.1KB (PDF)
41826 Design and Construct New Carine Whitehouse Baseball Club300.5KB (PDF)
41432 Conservation of Natural Areas170.4KB (PDF)
41396 Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre Redevelopment – Outdoor Pool and Plant Upgrades265.2KB (PDF)
41553 Scarborough Tennis Club Building Renewal288.2KB (PDF)
45657 City of Stirling Entry Statement Replacement163.2KB (PDF)
41447 Scarborough Mirrabooka & Inglewood Community Centre Solar Upgrades175.1KB (PDF)
41039 Roof Plumbing Maintenance Services258.0KB (PDF)
41448 Painting Services246.6KB (PDF)
41454 Glazing Services287.2KB (PDF)
41178 Robinson Reserve - New Clubroom Building217.0KB (PDF)
41191 Security Services239.0KB (PDF)
38598 Supply and Installation of Universal Access Shelters and Furniture292.2KB (PDF)
41819 EOI Electrical Vehicle Feasibility Study180.2KB (PDF)
40872 HVAC Maintenance Services188.5KB (PDF)
38369 Supply and Installation of Irrigation Systems and Associated Works426.5KB (PDF)
38651 Underground Asset Location and Services Detection within the City of Stirling606.2KB (PDF)
38400 Provision of Cleaning Services to City of Stirling607.8KB (PDF)
40963 Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre Cardiovascular Equipment Replacement412.0KB (PDF)
40922 Cleaning of Sand and Soft Fall Top Up of Play Facilities at Various Parks and Reserves294.3KB (PDF)
38224 Supply and Installation of Fencing and Associated Products416.0KB (PDF)
39685 Trackless Trams Business Case Development Package 2200.3KB (PDF)
39174 Provision of Services for Sustainable Turf Management219.0KB (PDF)
38440 Turf Nutrient Supply348.6KB (PDF)
39101 Printing and Marketing Material212.3KB (PDF)
38441 Provision of Renovations, Turf Mowing and Fertiliser Application Services to City of Stirling610.0KB (PDF)
38985 Mettams Pool Access Ramp224.7KB (PDF)
40231 Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre Internal Refurbishment378.6KB (PDF)
38409 New Modular Building for the Carine Whitehouse Baseball Club388.9KB (PDF)
38507 Right of Way Lighting within the City of Stirling195.8KB (PDF)