Tender register

The City of Stirling has awarded the following contracts as a result of the tender process.


Document nameDownloadable files
19.057.S.IFT Corporate Health Solutions429.3KB (PDF)
19.053.S.IFT Kevin Smith Community Centre432.6KB (PDF)
35110 Security Patrol Services433.3KB (PDF)
35089 Security Upgrade Works City of Stirling Main Administration Building417.6KB (PDF)
19.030.S.IFT Provision of OSH Consultancy400.0KB (PDF)
35059 Princess Wallington Community Parkland98.1KB (PDF)
35070 Provision of Landscape Maintenance Services515.4KB (PDF)
35072 Supply and Delivery of Underground Reinforced Concrete Infiltration Basins470.7KB (PDF)
19.042.S.IFT Electrical Safety & Compliance Services425.5KB (PDF)
19.045.S.IFT Roof Replacement and Mechanical Upgrade at 22 Chesterfield Road Mirrabooka422.3KB (PDF)
19.032.P.IFT Grassing works362.8KB (PDF)
19.036.S.IFT Medical Services126.5KB (PDF)
19.043.S.IFT Riding for the Disabled Roof Replacement211.0KB (PDF)
19.019.S.IFT Provision of Solar Photovoltaic Systems for the City of Stirling’s Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre and Herb Graham Recreation Centre91.8KB (PDF)
19.031.S.IFT Provision of Vehicle Volume and Class80.1KB (PDF)
19.001.S.IFT Supply and Installation of Submersible Pump Units89.5KB (PDF)
19.033.S.IFT Electrical Control Switchboard Cubicles88.5KB (PDF)
19.037.P.IFT Landscaping Maintenance and Waste Removal93.9KB (PDF)
19.029.S.IFT Lake Gwelup Regional Open Space Rotunda Building Upgrade86.5KB (PDF)
19.022.S.IFT Yokine Bowling Club Air Conditioning81.6KB (PDF)
19.012.P.IFT Tree Maintenance and Arboricultural Advisory and Audit Services99.6KB (PDF)
19.024.S.IFT Provision and Maintenance of Plumbing Services96.2KB (PDF)
19.017.S.IFT Purchase of Cardiovascular Equipment for the Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre and Other Deliverables90.8KB (PDF)
19.020.S.IFT Scarborough Library Modifications and Upgrades260.5KB (PDF)