Doing business with the City

If you are interested in doing business with the City, then you must read this section about how the City selects suppliers for goods and services.

  • All City officers and employees must observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in any purchasing activity, and act in an honest and professional manner.

    The following principles, standards and behaviours must be observed and enforced through all stages of the purchasing process. This ensures the fair and equitable treatment of all parties.

    • Accept full accountability for all purchasing decisions and the efficient, effective and proper use of public monies based on achieving value for money
    • Purchasing practices must comply with relevant legislation, regulations, and requirements consistent with City policies and the code of conduct
    • Purchasing is made on a competitive basis where all potential suppliers are treated impartially, honestly and consistently
    • All processes, evaluations and decisions are transparent, free from bias and fully documented in accordance with applicable policies and audit requirements
    • Any actual or perceived conflicts of interest are identified, disclosed and appropriately managed
    • Any information given to the City by a supplier is treated as commercial-in-confidence and is not to be released unless authorised by the supplier or relevant legislation.
  • Value for money is an overarching principle governing purchasing that allows the best possible outcome for the City. This is more important than achieving the lowest price, and should take into account:

    • User requirements
    • Quality standards
    • Sustainability
    • Life cycle costing
    • Service benchmarks.

Become a supplier

To make the City aware of your company and the services you offer, please select ‘Register to become a supplier’ below. This will add you to the City’s Business register which is for those companies interested in non tenders and smaller contracts.

Register to become a supplier

For tenders you must register on the City’s E-tendering system and ensure that you select the regions and industries relevant to your organisation. This will ensure you receive relevant tender opening notifications.

Register on e-tendering system

WALGA preferred supplier arrangement

The City can access WALGA preferred supplier arrangements where appropriate.

For more information on becoming a preferred supplier, please visit the Western Australian Local Government Association website.

State common use arrangement

The City can access Department of Finance common use arrangements (CUA) where appropriate. 

For more information on being included as a CUA preferred supplier, please visit the Department of Finance website.

Sustainable procurement

The City of Stirling is committed to sustainable procurement and where appropriate will endeavour to design quotes and tenders to provide goods, services and/or processes that minimise environmental and negative social impacts. Sustainable considerations must be balanced against value-for-money outcomes in accordance with the City's sustainability objectives.

Useful documents

Document nameDownloadable files
Statement of Business Ethics840.2KB (PDF)
Procurement Policy1.7MB (PDF)