Good hygiene and food safety practices can prevent food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses.

Food safety and hygiene assessments

City of Stirling Environmental Health Officers conduct routine food safety and hygiene assessments of all business premises preparing food for sale to the general public.

Assessments are carried out to measure compliance of the food business with the requirements of the Food Act 2008 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (Australia Only). Assessments examine the structure of the premises and the practices carried out by the food handlers when storing, preparing and serving food.

Other strategies in place to ensure that the food sold within the City of Stirling is safe include:

  • sampling of locally-produced foods for compliance with the Food Standards Code
  • investigating complaints about food and food handling practices
  • providing free online Food Safety Training
  • producing an e-newsletter called Safe Food News that is sent out to food businesses.

How do I make a food safety complaint?

To make a food safety complaint please complete the Food Health & Compliance Service Request Form (PDF) and return it to the City of Stirling in person, via email to, fax or post. All service requests are handled in a confidential manner.

For further information please contact the Enviornmental Health section on (08) 9205 8555.

To learn more about food safety, go to the Department of Health website.

Food safety training

It is a legal responsibility that every food business and food handler apply safe food handling practices and have adequate food safety skills and knowledge in relation to the tasks they are undertaking.  Progams available to assist businesses to meet their responsibilites are:

I'm ALERT -  the City strongly recommends the I'm ALERT Training Course.  I'm ALERT is a  free  online food safety training course that takes approximately one and a half hours to complete all 20 modules.  Food Handlers should print off their certificate once they have successfully completed the course.  If you would like to complete the course, please logon to I'm ALERT.

FoodSafe - an in-house training program developed by Environmental Health Australia to establish and document basic food hygiene practices and train food handlers.  A food business appoints a FoodSafe Coordinator to train all staff and oversee the implementation of various records.  Once the program is established an internal and external audit are completed.  Upon successful completion, the City will issue a FoodSafe certificate and window sticker to the food business.  Please note that this program does not meet the requirements of food safety programs for food businesses in high risk sectors (i.e., aged care homes and day care centres).  For further information and to purchase FoodSafe resources please visit Environmental Health Australia - FoodSafe Products.

Food-borne illness

Food-borne illness can result when an individual eats food containing certain kinds of bacteria. Salmonella and Campylobacter are the two most common species of food poisoning bacteria.

Some simple food handling practices can be followed to prevent food poisoning:

  • separate cooked and raw foods
  • thoroughly cook meat, poultry and eggs
  • always wash your hands before preparing food and do not allow anyone with food poisoning symptoms to prepare food.

Do I need Planning Approval for my food business?

You will need to:

  • confirm whether the premises you propose to operate has the correct Planning Approval for the intended type of use (please note that takeaway is a different type of use to a café/restaurant);
  • determine the suitability of your proposed business in your chosen location, with regard to zoning, parking availability and other details related to the proposed 'use' of the site;
  • submit a Development Application (DA) if you wish to construct a new premises or to apply for change of use.

Please contact the City's Development Services for further guidance on 9205 8800.

Do I need a Building Licence Approval for my food business?

You will be required to submit a Building Licence Application for:

  • newly constructed premises;
  • the installation of cool rooms and/or exhaust canopies; or
  • where alterations may affect the structural integrity of the building; or
  • when fit-out works at the premises are involved.

Please contact the City's Development Services for further guidance on 9205 8800.

How do I apply for Health Approval of my food business?

Before committing finances or undertaking any works, an Environmental Health Officer should be consulted for preliminary advice about any plan to either establish or alter existing premises. Please refer to the 'Food Business Guide' document below.

  1. your shop-fitter, draftsperson or architect should assist you with generating plans. The following details will be needed to support your application:
  2. two copies of scale floor plans showing the position of all fixtures and equipment
  3. two copies of scaled sectional elevation plans showing the position of all fixtures and equipment
  4. finishes of every wall, floor and ceiling
  5. indication of hot and cold water supply and waste water services
  6. toilet facilities
  7. mechanical exhaust ventilation – where applicable
  8. grease trap – where applicable
  9. bin storage enclosure with wash down facilities

NOTE: Submitted plans must be to scale and of good quality that clearly illustrates the above.

Notification/Registration of a new food business (including Mobile Food Vehicles)

When operational approvals have been secured from all relevant departments and authorities e.g. Development Services where applicable, you are required under law to complete and submit a 'Food Premises Notification Form' (available below) prior to commencing business operations. Following an acceptable assessment and risk-rating by an Environmental Health Officer, your business will be registered with the City and given approval to commence operations. Notification and registration by a business operator is not only required prior to opening the business, but also when there is a change of business operator at an existing business premises, or when there is some other change such as new business name.

Notification/Registration fee

Please contact the City's Environmental Health Services to check the current fee.

Annual inspection fees

Payable per calendar year, based upon the risk-rating assigned to each food business. Please contact the City's Environmental Health Services to check the current fee. An exemption from inspections fees may apply for not for profit (NFP) organisations. A document (e.g. ATO statement) confirming the organisation is not for profit must be provided with the notification form.

What food safety laws apply to my food business?

Food businesses must comply with the requirements of the Food Act 2008, the Food Regulations 2009 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Chapter 3 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code outlines the structural requirements your premises must meet, as well as the essential food handling and staff hygiene practices that must be followed to ensure the production of safe food.

Food Stall (for Profit) or (for Charity or Community fundraising causes)

Please complete the 'Application to Sell Food at an Event' form below. Please refer to the 'Minimum Standards for Use of Temporary Food Premises for One or Two Day Events'.

Do I need approval to operate a food business from home?

First you will need to contact the City's Development Services for guidance on Planning Approval that is required. Please also refer to the 'Guidelines for Food Preparation in Residential Premises for Sale to the Public' below prior to applying for Health Approval. After obtaining the necessary Planning Approval, you will need to complete the 'Food Premises Notification Form' (available below) to apply for Health Approval.

More information

Download the following information sheets on common food-poisoning bacteria.

Environmental Health Information Sheet - Salmonella
Environmental Health Information Sheet - Campylobacter
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Download the following form to submit a food complaint

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Food Premises Notification Form
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