Sustainable Stirling Student Design Competition

As part of Perth Design Week 2024, the City of Stirling called out for ambitious primary, secondary and tertiary students to join the “coalition of the infilling” and engage in the creation of an innovative and sustainable infill design project.  

We invited up to 250 students to be taken on a sustainable development journey which helped them understand urban change and be part of imagining a better future for the City.  The Sustainable Stirling Student Design Competition offered them a chance to develop and physically model a cutting-edge sustainable urban infill design project for a real-life suburban block.     

Sustainable Stirling Student Design Competition 2024 Winners

A huge congratulations to all the talented students who participated in our Sustainable Stirling Student Design Competition as part of Perth Design Week. The students who participated in this sustainable development journey are inspiring and have helped imagine what a better future for the City looks like. Our winners were at the Sustainable Stirling Awards Gala held at the City of Stirling Reception hall. If you would like to be notified of how you can get involved next year, please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator at 

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Design brief for competition participants - 2024

Matt Wallwork, Chris Ferreira and The Forever Project partnered with the City to help run the competition.  The model entries were showcased at the City of Stirling during Perth Design Week 2024 and winners were judged by a range of industry and community leaders.   

The Forever Project has been organising workshops on sustainable infill projects for the past 15 years, demonstrating alternative approaches to development.  Extending this knowledge to students in the City of Stirling proved to be an exciting opportunity to educate future generations.  The intention was to teach students about how past rezoning and development of suburbs can lead to the disappearance of green urban canopy, causing heat island effect and social isolation.  

Under the theme “coalition of the infilling” the competition sought to inspire creative new infill development options utilising existing subdivision and planning laws. Participants were rewarded for promoting solutions that align with contemporary sustainable building practices and enhance social, environmental and community connection. 

  • One of the biggest challenges facing our City is how to meet State targets for housing supply while improving the quality and sustainability of our local areas for current and future residents.

    Creative new approaches to infill development and a 'coalition of the infilling' are going to be needed if we are going to imagine a better future for Stirling and build a sustainable City with a local focus.

    With that background, participants were asked to create a scale model of a sustainable infill-style development based on a real suburban site in Stirling using the existing planning and subdivision frameworks. Details of the site were provided when participants registered for the competition. 


    • Primary school students
    • Secondary school students
    • Tertiary school students (university, TAFE and colleges)
    • Mayor’s Commendation Medal for Sustainable Design

    To view the Sustainable Stirling Student Design Competition poster, please click here.

  • Entries will be judged based on the core values highlighted in the workshops and reflected in Design WA’s 10 principles of good design.   

    • Context and character
      Does the entry respond to the distinctive characteristics of the City of Stirling? 
    • Landscape quality
      Does the design incorporate FireWise principles and preserve urban canopy?  
    • Built form and scale
      Does the entry creatively address the intended future character of the area as an urban centre with more houses? 
    • Functionality
      Will the design be easy to live in and include all required services? Could the development adapt over time to the needs of different homeowners?  
    • Sustainability
      Does the design reflect passive solar design and passive house principles? To what extent are existing materials used and repurposed in the development? 
    • Amenity
      Does the entry maximise external and internal amenity for residents, visitors, and neighbours?  Does it provide an environment that is comfortable, productive, and healthy? 
    • Legibility
      Can people find their way around the development easily? 
    • Safety
      Will the development be safe for its residents and visitors? 
    • Community
      Does the design encourage community engagement and social inclusion? Does the development offer housing choice and diversity for residents with different ages, living needs and budgets? 
    • Aesthetics
      Is the design attractive, original, and innovative? 
  • A $4000 fabulous prize pool was offered to the winners of all three categories plus a special ‘Mayor’s Commendation Medal for Sustainable Design’ award:

    • 4x $1000 vouchers for Karrinyup Shopping Centre
    •  Water Wise gift pack for each winner
  • For full terms and conditions of the Sustainable Stirling Student Design Competition 2024, please view here

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  • Participants were asked to create a scale model of a sustainable infill-style development based on the above blockParticipants were asked to create a scale model of a sustainable infill-style development based on the above block

Key dates

26 January 2024

Competition registrations open

20 February 2024

Competition registrations close

24 February 2024

Opportunity to visit the Hami Hill eco-apartments Open House 10am – 12pm All participants are welcome even if unable to attend the workshops.

27 February 2024

Competition workshop #1

28 February 2024

Competition workshop #2

11 – 12 March 2024

Competition entries delivered to the City

19 March 2024

Competition Awards Gala at City of Stirling reception hall foyer

21 March 2024

Perth Design Week concludes
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