Mirrabooka Town Square Upgrade

The City is exploring local perspectives to help shape the Mirrabooka Town Square and align with the growing future community needs Closing date: 10 December 2023

The Mirrabooka Town Square is an important meeting place and access route to the Square Shopping Centre. The City is exploring local perspectives to help shape the Mirrabooka Town Square and align with the future needs of the community.

The vision for the town square is to create a place with a diverse range of uses, which are attractive, safe and a focus for the region's shopping and service needs. 

The City is seeking to explore opportunities to improve the vibrancy, safety, and function of the Mirrabooka Town Square.  The City will be hosting a vision workshop and a local conversation to get the local community involved and develop a new shape for the Mirrabooka Square.  Please join us at the upcoming Local conversation or share your local perspective using the link below. 

Local Conversation           
Date: Tuesday 31 October 2023
Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm
Location: Mirrabooka Town Square  
Opposite the Mirrabooka Bus Station on Sudbury Road

Share your local perspective on the Mirrabooka Town Square
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Why is Council prioritising the Mirrabooka Town Square?

The town square at Mirrabooka has not operated as it was intended to be. The town square is the heart of the community and it needs to be a vibrant space that will attract a mix of uses, including people to feel safe and enjoy the environment.

How will my involvement influence decision making?

Your experience of the Square, key local issues and improvement opportunities that would attract you to the Mirrabooka Square.

What will happen next?

Community feedback will inform the development of a concept plan for the space. The preferred design will be presented early next year and community feedback at this time will ensure the design aligns with the upgrade objectives to improve the vibrancy, safety, and function of the Mirrabooka Town Square.


Local Conversation

31 October 2023

Vision Workshop

8 November 2023

Design Workshop

December 2023

Preferred Design

May 2024
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For more information, please contact the City Future team on (08) 9205 8555.

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