Macaulay Park Proposed Improvements

Seeking feedback from the community about how we can improve the recreational amenities at Macaulay Park. Closing date: 21 December 2021 Follow project

Macaulay Park is a highly valued public open space in the Inglewood community. It provides a diverse range of social and play opportunities for the community including a playground, barbeques and grassed areas for informal play and relaxation.

With the demographics of the local community changing, the City has received feedback from the Inglewood community that there may be a need to improve the park to provide more recreational amenities that cater for a broader range of park users. The City is keen to engage with the local community to gain your views on how the City can improve the recreational amenities at Macaulay Park.  


Why is the City looking to improve Macaulay Park?

The City received a Notice of Motion from Councillor Sandri on 29 June 2021 requesting an upgrade to play equipment at Macaulay Park. The City has also received feedback from the Inglewood community that the existing recreational amenities at Macaulay Park have a primary focus on young children and that there is a need to provide better recreational opportunities to activate the reserve. As such, the City is looking to improve the provision of recreational amenities at Macaulay Park to better support the community’s needs.

Why are you asking for comments and what will happen to them?

The City is seeking comments to better understand how the community use Macaulay Park and what additional recreational amenities you would like the City to provide.  Your comments and feedback will be used to directly inform our plans to improve the provision of new recreational amenities at Macaulay Park. Once a design has been developed, a second stage of community consultation will take place to allow all residents to have their say.

What type of recreation amenities can be provided at Macaulay Park?

Macaulay Park is a community level public open space in line with the City’s Public Open Space Strategy. Community level open space generally feature small-scale informal recreation facilities. When considering the types of recreational amenities that can be provided, we consider the size of the reserve, what is already provided at the reserve, existing provision in the local area and consideration of amenity impacts to local residents. 

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Will you be considering the public toilet?

The City is already investigating how to improve the amenities to make them safer.  However, if you would like to provide feedback on this amenity then please provide feedback in the survey.

Will the playground be upgraded?

The playground at Macaulay Park was upgraded in 2005 and is currently in good condition. On this basis, the City is not looking to upgrade the playground at this time. Comments relating to the existing playground can be provided in the survey. Any feedback will be recorded and can be used to inform any future development opportunities when the playground becomes due for upgrade in the future.

Can I provide comment on other public open spaces in the area?

There are a number of public open spaces in close proximity to Macaulay Park along Hamer Parade in Inglewood. The survey provides an opportunity for residents and the community to make comments about these public open spaces. This feedback will assist the City in better understanding the community’s future public open space needs in the local area. 


Community consultation (stage one)

December 2021

Advise community of outcomes of stage one consultation

February 2022

Community consultation - design (stage 2)

Early to mid-2022
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If you need any further information, contact Madeleine Cross, Recreation and Leisure Services on (08) 9205 8555 or

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