Dog Swamp Bridge

The City is seeking your feedback on either the restoration or removal of the Dog Swamp pedestrian bridge. Closing date: 30 September 2022 Follow project

The pedestrian bridge is in poor condition and has been closed as often as it has been open over recent years. 

The City aims to consult with user groups and local community to determine the value of the bridge and whether they would like it restored or removed.

Dog Swamp Bridge Repair

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Dog Swamp Bridge Removal

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How old is the bridge?

The pedestrian bridge at Dog Swamp reserve was built circa 1980 and was originally installed as part of works undertaken by Bristile to promote their company.

Bristle’s work also included construction of the brick structure on the western side of the lake, a number of art installations located in the trees along the eastern side of the reserve and a maze.  The art installations and maze were removed as they reached end of asset life.

Why has the bridge been closed for so long?

The City was advised to close the bridge due to its compromised structural integrity and it being unsafe for public use.  The balustrading, timber piles and concrete abutments require attention.

Several minor repairs have been undertaken however full remediation of the platform and balustrades and refurbishment of timber piles is required.

The City has costed options to remove or refurbish the bridge.  Prior to committing to the refurbishment costs and ongoing maintenance costs it is considered prudent to confirm with community that they still value the pedestrian bridge.

Since closure in 2019 the City has received minimal enquires with regards to when the bridge will reopen. The bridge is largely ornamental and doesn’t form part of a wider pedestrian access network.

What would replace the bridge if it was removed?

The City would recommend leaving the existing timber piles in situ to act as perching locations for birds. On the eastern edge of the lake a new lookout would be constructed that provided uninterrupted views of the lake.


Consultation with the community

12 September to 30 September

Inform the community of the outcome of consultation

Inform Community of outcome

Undertake works pending outcome of consultation

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For more information, or to receive this information in an alternate format, please contact Thomas Cramsie, Parks and Sustainability on (08) 9205 8555.

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