Stirling Community Care update

14 September 2022

To ensure the City continues to deliver the best outcomes for the community, a service review was undertaken in 2021 which highlighted the need to redesign Stirling Community Care services to better align with the City’s role as a local government authority.

The independent review also identified the need to adjust to the ongoing impacts of the Australian Government’s aged care reforms.

To enable provision of core local government services that have a stronger focus on community connectedness and social support, the City has made the difficult decision to cease delivering some Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services as of 30 June 2023.

This means the City will be working with our CHSP customers who receive in-home domestic assistance or personal care services to transition to a new provider appointed through the Department of Health and Aged Care.

While the City has no control over the appointment of providers through the Department, we remain committed to communicating with our customers to support them through the transition by providing information and updates as they become available.

Mayor Mark Irwin said it was more appropriate for the City as a local government authority to place a stronger focus on providing social connection and community care services.

“We appreciate that this decision may have an impact on some of our CHSP Stirling Community Care customers and their families,” he said.

“It is important to ensure we deliver core City services that are sustainable and reasonably expected from us as a local government by our community and ratepayers,” he said. 

“While the City will no longer be delivering in-home support services after June 2023, we will be focussing on services that enhance social support and community connection. This includes Community Food Services, Community Day Clubs and Community Transport Services, as we continue to respond to national aged care reforms.

“The review identified the vital role of Community Day Clubs and Community Food Services to enable our residents to develop and maintain social connections and to access meals. It also found opportunities to broaden and improve these service offerings for our seniors.

“Expansion of these services more closely falls into step with our remit as a local government authority and will support us to meet objectives in social plans such as our Age Friendly Strategy and Access and Inclusion Plan.”

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