Herdsman Glendalough Precinct Structure Plan passes Council

17 September 2021

The City of Stirling recently recommended the State Government approve the Herdsman Glendalough Precinct Structure Plan, the culmination of nearly 10 years of planning and consultation with local businesses and residents.

The City and the State Government have been planning for the redevelopment of the area around the Glendalough Station and along Scarborough Beach Road for the last 20 years. The aim is to transition it over time into a vibrant mixed-use area with an improved public realm and a strong focus on Glendalough Station and proposed mass transit system on Scarborough Beach Road.

The City’s plan for the area is comprised of a suite of documents called ‘the planning framework’, which includes:

  • LPS3 Amendment No.114.
    • contains provisions regulating land use, road widening, mandatory residential development, parking and public open space
  • Herdsman Glendalough Precinct Structure Plan
    • contains maps and plans regulating land use, the location of road widening, mandatory residential development and public open space
  • Herdsman Glendalough Local Development Plan (already adopted)
    • includes built-form standards (e.g., building heights, setbacks, plot ratio etc)
  • Local Planning Policy 5.8 (already adopted)
    • ‘Stirling City Centre and Herdsman Glendalough Parking’, which includes parking standards for the Stirling City Centre and Herdsman Glendalough.

Mayor Mark Irwin said the broader plan aims to locate the most intensive mixed-use development (both residential and commercial land uses) close to Glendalough Station, along Scarborough Beach Road and around Herdsman Lake.

“Mixed-use development will also be located along Scarborough Beach Road with active commercial uses integrated with future transit stops, which we hope will include Trackless Tram activation, pending the outcome of that business case,” he said.

“In addition to improving the transport network and reducing traffic, this will also facilitate further economic growth in the area, and we project that by 2051 the plan will allow for an additional 6,933 dwellings and 20,000 jobs.

“Over the life of the project, extensive consultation has been carried out with owners and occupiers in the area. In recent months the City’s officers have met with several submitters to work through issues relevant to them after the advertising period had closed.

“We are now confident in our recommendation to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) that we have the right instrument in place to guide the next era of development in the area.”

Provisions within the Herdsman Glendalough Precinct Structure Plan have been made to allow businesses to propose upgrades and additions to remain viable and competitive in the short- to medium-term, but still ensure that ultimate vision can be delivered over the longer-term.

The staging section of the plan facilitates a staged transition of sites over time by specifying that non-substantial developments may be exempt from certain requirements, which will ease the burden on developers.

Under the Herdsman Glendalough planning framework, public open space is to be provided incrementally as development occurs, with 10 per cent of the area of all sites proposing residential development of three or more dwellings is to be provided as public open space.

The structure plan will now go to the WAPC for final decision and endorsement.

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