Robinson Reserve - Stage 2 Building Feasibility

27 September 2019

With the successful implementation of stage one of the Robinson Reserve Master Plan, the City of Stirling is now progressing towards stage two of the project. As part of stage two of Robinson Reserve Master Plan, the City of Stirling is undertaking a building feasibility review of the existing sporting club room facilities.

The first component of the feasibility study is to engage with key stakeholders to better understand their current and future building needs. In this regard, the City is seeking feedback and input from key Robinson Reserve stakeholders in relation to their current and future building needs.The first stage is for stakeholders to consider their needs and provided feedback in the form of a survey.

Following receipt of the survey the City will then analyse the feedback and information and consider in accord with relevant City provision standards, State Sporting Association trends and needs, industry provision benchmarks, sporting participation trends and future growth opportunities. This information will then be utilised to determine needs and progress concept designs and indicative cost estimates to assist with the feasibility project.

In this regard it would be appreciated if you could take the time to engage with your Committee to complete the clubroom needs survey below. This will assist the City in developing a greater understanding into the current and future needs of your club or group which will then be utilised to determine clubroom needs and assist with development of concept designs. The City will set up a subsequent meeting to review your feedback and discuss how the City can best address your future building needs.

The survey is open until 4.00pm Monday 21 October 2019.

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