Staying A Step Ahead of Scammers

13 June 2019

Police officers from the Mirrabooka station visited the Nollamara Day Club this week to share lots of practical advice with local seniors on how they can stay safer at home and in their community.

The City hosted the presentation after several clients mentioned to day club staff their concerns about people offering services door-to-door and being pestered by scammers over the phone. Some seniors were also interested in tips on how they could feel safer when visiting their local shopping areas.

About 50 seniors aged between 65 and 97 attended the hour-long presentation.

Whether it was advice about not leaving handbags in shopping trolleys for opportunistic thieves or recommending the use of ATMs inside banks whenever possible, the session provided plenty of handy advice and reminders.

Senior Sergeant Graeme Macey and Sergeant Anne Loe also talked about an issue often in the news headlines, fraudulent tradespeople and charity collectors going door-to-door. The officers advised the seniors to always interact with door knockers through a locked screen door and if they seemed suspicious, to shut the door and call police immediately.

At the end of the session, the officers handed out ultra-violet (UV) marker pens to clients to add their details to valuables at home such as laptops and Ipads.

Mayor Mark Irwin said he hoped the visit by WA Police officers would help empower clients at the day club who wanted to feel safe when heading out and about in their community.

“Connecting our day club clients to local police and helpful sessions like this one can provide some peace of mind to seniors and serve as a reminder that there are steps they can take to avoid scammers and reduce opportunistic thefts,” Mayor Irwin said.

Operating on weekdays, the Nollamara Day Club caters for dozens of local seniors across six groups with a mix of activities including cooking, crafts and gardening.

Each year, the City offers dozens of information session to seniors covering topics such as aged care reform, Stirling Community Care, NDIS and dementia.

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