Sustainability at home

Sustainability at home will reduce your energy consumption and environmental impact, and could save you money. 

Home energy assessment toolkits (HEAT)

Our home energy assessment toolkit (HEAT) will help you to find out:

  • Which of your home appliances are guzzling power
  • Where your home leaks heat in winter
  • Where your home gains heat in summer
  • How you can make simple changes to save money
  • How you can make simple changes to save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Our home energy assessment toolkits are temporarily unavailable for loan. To learn more about reducing energy use at home, free home sustainability audits are available via the phone with an expert auditor. Click here to learn more.​

Top tip

Sustainability at home

Saving water in your garden

Almost 50% of residential water consumption goes onto the garden. Using Waterwise native plants for your garden or verge can help reduce your water consumption and save you money. 

The City’s annual Living Green program provides residents with free Waterwise native plants for their verge and home garden. Subscribe to our Living Green e-newsletter to hear when this offer will next be available. Please refer to our Verge Treatment Guidelines before planting your native verge garden. 

Consider installing a grey water system and using waste water from your shower and laundry to irrigate your garden. To encourage the uptake of grey water systems, the City of Stirling has waived all applications fees.  A list of approved grey water systems and the Application Form can be found on the Department of Health website.

Dog poo disposer

Dog poo worm farms are a great way to dispose of dog poo. The system is simply to dispose of your dog poo, it is not for harvesting worm castings and for health reasons cannot be used near food crops. The castings and juice produced go directly into the ground where the worm farm is located.

Bottomless, recycled wheelie bins are available for purchase at the Recycling Centre Balcatta (RCB).

For more information, please visit the Recycling Centre Balcatta (RCB) page.