Step 3 - Getting assistance

Getting assistance from the right people is an important part of any project and we strongly recommend that you contact our experienced development services team before submitting your application. We can save you time and help you submit a successful application​.

Get help finding the approvals you need to develop a property in the City of Stirling
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What can we help with?

  • General planning advice

    The City’s planning officers can provide advice on:

    • Legislative requirements of Local Planning Scheme No. 3 and Planning and Development Regulations 2015
    • The development approvals process including types of development applications, fees and payment methods
    • Exemptions under the Development Regulations 2015
    • The types of land uses
    • Matters regarding unauthorised land-use such as home businesses, short stay accommodation and privacy issues relating to structures such as decks, patios and fences
    • Advice on the requirements of a development application (DA) for the approval of unauthorised land use and structures.

    Duty Planner

    The City provides general planning advice regarding the legislative planning requirements within the City of Stirling by way of two duty planning officers available every day from 8.30am to 5.00pm for phone enquiries on (08) 9205 8555 or counter enquiries at the City’s Administration Centre, 25 Cedric Street Stirling.

    Written planning advice

    Requests for written responses to planning enquiries can be obtained by a Written Planning Advice Request lodged with the City with the relevant fee, either at the City’s Administration Centre (25 Cedric Street Stirling) or by post or via email to: Written Planning Advice Requests relate to planning enquiries such as the zoning of a property or applicable planning legislation. The Written Planning Advice Request form is available on the City’s website and is provided here.

    Planning pre-lodgement advice

    The City provides free elective planning advice in writing or in the form of a meeting prior to the submission of an application. To submit a planning pre-lodgement advice request, click the link below and provide the relevant details about the project or visit the planning advice page.

    Planning pre-lodgement advice request

  • The City’s building surveyors can provide advice on:

    •   Legislative requirements of the Building Act 2011 and Building Regulations 2012
    •   The building permit approval process for all types of buildings
    •   The demolition permit approval process
    •   Types of building applications, fees and payment methods
    •   Matters relating to unauthorised structures such as decks, patios, retaining walls, sheds, pools/spas, fences and structural building work
    •   Dangerous structures such as failing fences, walls, unfenced pools and buildings
    •   The requirements of a building approval certificate (BAC) application for the approval of unauthorised building structures.
  • Free consultations with a qualified arborist are available for landowners planning development and who wish to retain an existing tree on their land.

    Advice can be provided on:

    • The trees age, health and Helliwell value
    • The location of the trees’ root system and what level of encroachment is possible without adverse effects
    • Materials and construction methods which can be used in the root zone to achieve your desired outcome while preserving the trees health 
    • Site management during development to protect the tree and prevent damage and stress.
    Complete the Arborist Assistance Request Form to request your free consultation
    Click here

Top tip

To save you time you can contact Development Services directly via email

Design Review Panel

Design Review Panel

The Panel endorsed by Council is made up of members with substantial experience and expertise in the areas of architecture, heritage, landscape architecture, planning, sustainability and environmental design and urban design.

The Panel will help improve the design of development and infrastructure proposals, assist with achieving best value from investment, and ensure that projects maximise their contribution to the built environment for the benefit of our community. Applications are selected by the City and must be at least $2M in value. 

Visit the Design Review Panel page for more information.