Term based programs

These programs have been specifically designed to suit the needs of everyone in our community. Join us to excel your health and fitness in one of these term based fitness programs. 

  • A safe, supportive and fun environment for teens to exercise. With reduced fees and school-friendly session times, it’s the perfect way to improve your fitness.

    This program only runs at Stirling Leisure Centres - Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre - Inglewood.

    • ​Open to teens aged 13 to 17
    • Sessions run from 4.00pm to 5.00pm
    • Professional session leaders and qualified personal trainers
    • Bonus unlimited indoor and outdoor pool access​
    • $140 for 2 sessions per week, for 8 weeks.

    Please note, payment is required up-front. No casual payments will be accepted or make-up sessions provided.

    teen fitness

    Teenfit schedule 

    Teenfit Course 1  

    Mondays and Wednesdays 4.00pm to 5.00pm commencing 21 October.

    Teenfit Course 2

    Tuesdays and Thursdays 4.00pm to 5.00pm commencing 22 October.

    For more information email us or phone Stirling Leisure Centres - Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre - Inglewood on (08) 9205 7726.

  • Accelerate is a great way to start your fitness. The 8 week course is designed for those with motivation to tackle their fitness goals head on, or who want to take part in a more interesting workout regime. Accelerate is best suited to people who want to see results.

    The program consists of two outdoor fitness classes per week, run by our team of dedicated session leaders and qualified personal trainers. They offer reliable nutrition advice, constant support, motivation and guidance during the eight-week program. Our goal is to create a motivating team environment, encouraging weight loss, fitness and strength.

    • Open to all ages and fitness levels
    • 16 x one-hour group training sessions
    • A Fitness Appraisal at the beginning and end of the course with a certified personal trainer
    • Goal-setting and nutritional advice
    • Unlimited indoor and outdoor pool access
    • Non-members $199 for eight weeks
    • Members $160 for eight weeks
    • Upfront payment required, no casual payments accepted or make-up sessions.

    Accelerate - Stirling Leisure Centres - Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre - Inglewood

    Kick start your fitness outdoors every Monday and Wednesday.

    All classes held outdoors with access to indoor and outdoor pools.

    Stirling Leisure Centres - Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre - Inglewood  - Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00pm.

    For more information or to join, please email us or contact the centre on (08) 9205 7726.

    Beach Accelerate

    Beach Accelerate - Scarborough Beach Pool

    Jump start your summer fitness goals on the sand with our Beach Accelerate program Mondays and Wednesdays 6am -7am

    All classes held on the beach with full access to the pool.

    Stirling Leisure Centres - Scarborough Beach Pool - Course starting 28 October 2019

    To register your interest, please email us or contact the centre on (08) 9205 7560.

  • Pregnancy Wellness is about having a healthy lifestyle, maintaining fitness and having a happy pregnancy. The five-week course consists of one prenatal water-based session and a wellness class such as yoga.

    Moderate exercise is recommended during pregnancy even for women who did not exercise before becoming pregnant. Pregnancy is considered an excellent time to introduce healthy lifestyle habits because the mother is highly motivated.

    • 10 x one-hour pregnancy fitness sessions
    • Unlimited pool access for the duration of the program
    • One prenatal aqua aerobics class per week
    • One pregnancy yoga class per week
    • Open to all stages of pregnancy
    • $160 for five weeks.
    pregnancy wellness

    Pregnancy Wellness 2019

    Course  Tuesday and Thursday starting 12 November 2019 at 6.30pm.

    For more information email us or phone Stirling Leisure Centres - Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre - Inglewood on (08) 9205 7726.

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