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Magical Park

Roam with dinosaurs or robots, learn about recycling, explore wild animals - all in your local park!

Using a phone or tablet, the Magical Park app uses augmented reality to combine the great outdoors with mobile gaming. Perfect for ages 6 - 11, games are both fun and educational.

Magical Park is FREE to play anytime across three City of Stirling parks from 8 April - 8 June 2023. Download Magical Park from either the App Store or Google Playstore

Important information

  • FREE to play
  • No In-App Purchases
  • No In-App Advertising
  • Players run on average for 1.45km during 45min of gameplay
  • Low mobile data use (3 - 10MB per game world).

Where to play

Alexander Park - Menora

You can view the pin drop map via the button below, or go to Google Maps here.

Millet Park - Innaloo

You can view the pin drop map via the button below, or go to Google Maps here.

Toilets are available.

Where to play


Toilets are available at Millet Park and Camberwell Park.

How to play

Download the app

  • Ensure your device is compatible: your mobile device must have 4 in-built sensors, including GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and a Compass and mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Download Magical Park from either the App Store or Google Playstore
  • If Magical Park does not show on PlayStore, then the device is not compatible
  • Remove magnetic device cases for a better play experience.

Go to your nearest Magical Park

  • Once at the park walk to the pink marker on your game map screen. The marker will turn into a yellow portal when you are close enough to the park centre.
  • Follow the calibration instructions and spin your device at least twice around each of its 3 axes. Repeat anytime if you feel the rotation of the device isn’t quite right. Make sure your GPS is on and set to high accuracy (if available).
  • Once your GPS accuracy is below 15m, you are safe to play in the park. If your GPS was turned off or is set to low accuracy, it can take 5-10min to warm up within a 15m GPS accuracy reading. Make sure your GPS is on and set to high accuracy (if available).

Technology required

Your device will need to be connected to the internet. Once downloaded, the game is on your device and you can play it as often as you like until the next App update.

You can connect to the internet using

  • Wi-Fi (if available)
  • 3G/4G (mobile network)
  • or hotspot to another device.

The game works on all newer models of Apple iPhone and most Android phones.  Either Wi-Fi or mobile reception will need to be available for data connection.

Smartphones and tablets

The Mixed Reality Motion Games are playable on iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets.  

Minimum Operating System requirements

  • iOS: 6.0 and above
  • Android: 4.0 ‘ice cream sandwich’ and above.

Mixed Reality requires us to use some special hardware components, found in many mobile smartphones and tablets, including:

  • GPS
  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope.

If your device is missing one of these components, you won't be able to download the app and a message will pop up saying your device is not compatible. 

Find out if your device has the correct sensors

You need to know the make and model of your device, i.e. Make: Apple iPhone, model: 5 (iPhone 5). 

  • Go to the GSMArena website and search for your device by typing the make and model into the search field
  • Once you have found your device on the list and are looking at the specifications page, scroll down and look for the item "Features" written in red on the left side.
  • Under "features" you should see listed: Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass. If one of them are missing, your device will unfortunately not be compatible.

​Apple iOS devices

​iPods and iPad Mini's which are Wi-Fi connected will not work if they are missing the GPS. iPhone 4 or iPad 2 don't have the performance to display the graphics and will crash unfortunately.  

GPS required

Parents often have the GPS or location services turned off on their child's device. The GPS needs to be turned on, or the location services activated, in order to locate the player in the park, but also whether the player is actually near a MAGICAL PARK. 

If the GPS has only just been turned on, it can take up to 10min for the GPS to get a location fix and identify accurately where the player is. The same applies if the device has been turned off for a long time. Check under settings that the game has got permission to access your location data:

For iOS go into settings> privacy> location services> MAGICAL PARK and ensure its set to "always". For Android go into settings> location>Mode> High accuracy

MAGICAL PARK requires access to the camera for the game technology to work and to allow the player to take photos in the game world. 

Understand if the internet connection is stopping you from playing Magical Park.

Try opening a website and if it opens, you know you have internet. It could be that you have switched off the permission for Magical Park to use mobile data. Check your mobile data settings and look for the Magical Park icon. 

Game Help FAQs

  1. The game says we are not near a Magical Park, but we are at the right park!
    Your GPS is having trouble locating you. Give it a few minutes and it should get a fix on your position. Sometimes the device uses the internet to get the location of your phone and if the internet reception is very poor, that can contribute to a weak positioning signal. Another trick is to simply reboot your phone, which will also reboot your GPS sensor.

    Check under settings that the game has got permission to access your location data:

    For iOS go into settings>privacy>location services>Magical Park and ensure its set to "always". For Android go into settings> location>Mode> High accuracy
  2. We are at a park and we have turned on the game, but we don't see anything?
    Check the park map above and get as close to it as possible. Alternatively use the Teleport button under "Settings" (the cog wheel icon on the main screen and then the icon with the house the circle) to move the game world to where you are. Be aware that the position from where you recentre the game, will become the centre of the game world reaching out about 30m from where you stand. Make sure you ONLY use this option if you are positioned in the middle of the park.
  3. I can't get to areas of the game world? 
    Here's a trick to try! Look at your screen and where you want to go and walk carefully backwards. You will find the game world walks "forwards" instead.
  4. We can't find any more dinosaur eggs and we are missing the last one?
    They are often behind rocks and that's why the last one is hard to find.
  5. We can't find the last few kittens? 
    The missing kitten will be hiding behind a mushroom house. Walk around the houses and tree stumps. It will be the one kitten that's not following you! So, run away from your herded kittens to see which one look stray and don't follow you.
  6. What If I am stuck?
    If the player is stuck at any stage, click on the sleeping dragon Sprite in the bottom right corner to get some help.
  7. How do I change games?
    If you want to switch to another game world, just click on the little dragon and onto the home button (house icon) and switch to go to another world.

Safety and privacy

For safety reasons the game is geofenced, which means the app won’t work outside the designated area of the park. To ensure there is allowance for GPS variation, the game area is surrounded with a buffer zone to ensure that the game field does not occur outside of the park. However, it is important you are always aware of your surroundings when playing the game. Adult supervision is always advised.

  • Does the game store my private information?

The game is run through Geo AR Games, please refer to their Terms of Service for Magical Park.

City of Stirling does not have access to any private information.

Need further help?

For additional tech support:

Visit http://www.magicalpark.net or https://www.geoargames.com/magical-park-support

Email us at support@geoargames.com.

Please include your device, make and model.