Sustainability at school

This page provides information on how you can achieve sustainability at school.

    Living Green Schools Program 

    Whether your school is beginning the journey towards sustainability or already along the path, the City’s tiered program for schools offers a wide range of incentives, support and funding to keep you moving forward in becoming a sustainable school.

    The program has four tiers and program funding increases with each tier:

    1. Seed level - entry level, beginning of sustainability journey
    2. Sapling level - active in some sustainability programs at the school
    3. Tree level - sustainability programs running at school for a few years
    4. Canopy level - sustainability embedded in business plan, operations plan.

    The Living Green Schools Program is fully subscribed. To register your interest for future participation, please email

    Sustainability at school

    Waste education and excursions

    The Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) provides:

    • Incursions and excursions for school groups of all ages
    • Information and assistance for school recycling programs
    • A school battery recycling program.

    Most services are free for schools within the City of Stirling. One of the popular MRC programs is 'nude your food’, which teaches young people how to reduce waste in their own lunchboxes.

    For more information, please visit the MRC website.

    Waste Wise Schools Program

    The Waste Authority's Waste Wise schools program is for WA primary and secondary schools. It aims to help them with educational strategies for reducing waste while developing positive environmental values in the whole school community.

    By becoming an accredited Waste Wise school you will have access to free incursions, grant funding for waste wise projects, and ongoing support.

    For more information, please visit the Waste Authority WA website.