Dangerous and restricted dogs

Dangerous and restricted dogs are treated differently by law and all dog owners must comply with the requirements of the Dog Act 1976.

  • You can see more details on the list of restricted breed from the WA Rangers website.

    • American Pit Bull Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier breeds
    • Argentinean and Brazilian fighting dogs
    • Canary dogs
    • Japanese Tosa
    • Any other dog that is prohibited to import.
  • All dangerous dogs must be:

    • Registered
    • Sterilised
    • Wear a prescribed collar
    • Be muzzled
    • On a lead and under the control of a competent adult when in public
    • A dangerous dog sign must be installed at all access points to the owner’s property
    • Fencing should be secure and childproof so that the dog can be contained safely
    • A maximum of 2 dangerous dogs are allowed per property, without a permit.

Did you know?

Dangerous and restricted breed dogs can be registered for a period of one year only.

Dog attacks

If you witness or are involved in a dog attack, please seek appropriate medical or veterinary assistance immediately, then phone our Contact Centre.

To help with our investigations, it’s important that you collect the following information:

  • Description of the dog or dog owner
  • Dog owner’s details if possible
  • Witness details if possible
  • Photos of any injuries caused as a result of the attack to person or animal
  • Location, date and time of the incident
  • Medical documentation if you require treatment
  • Veterinary documentation should your pet require treatment
  • Vehicle registration of the dog owner.