Barking dogs

Barking is natural behaviour for a dog. However, persistent and uncontrolled barking can have a severe and negative influence on a person’s quality of life.

If a barking dog bothers you:

  • Approach the owner and explain your concerns in a polite manner. This allows the owner to resolve the problem within an acceptable time-frame
  • If the problem continues, please phone our Customer Contact Centre.

Top tip

If you do not feel comfortable approaching the dog owner, we suggest you leave a polite note in their letter box. Remember to include as much information as possible, such as specific times when the barking occurs and other behaviours you have witnessed. This will help the owner to resolve the issue.

The barking dog complaint process

1. Unreasonable barking occurs

A dog is barking persistently or is allowed to continue to such a degree that it unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of any person in any place.

2. Dog owner is approached

If possible, the affected person politely approaches the owner to discuss the issue. After two weeks have passed, the barking has continued to be unreasonable. Please note, dog owners are often unaware that their pet is causing a nuisance.

3. Complaint is lodged

As the barking has continued to be unreasonable, the affected person contacts the City of Stirling via the Customer Contact Centre to lodge a complaint.

4. Owner and complainant are contacted

A member of our community safety team will contact all parties involved.

They will provide the dog owner with information on how to address the dog noise issue and they will be given time to take necessary measures. The complainant will be given a dog noise diary.

5. Barking reduces

The barking has subsided to an acceptable level after two weeks. No further action will be taken.

6. If unreasonable barking continues

If the barking has continued to be unreasonable after two weeks, the complainant completes the 10-day dog noise diary. After the diary has been completed, the complainant submits the diary to our Rangers for assessment. 

7. Outcome

Depending on the outcome of the dog noise diary assessment, necessary action will be taken. Please note, you will be notified if a diary has been completed incorrectly, or if the dog noise is considered to be reasonable as per the guidelines for nuisance dogs.