Ordinary Council Meeting - Public Question Time submission form

Use this form to submit a question. Please submit your question by midday on the day of the Council meeting.

Public Question Time is conducted in accordance with Section 5.2 of the City of Stirling Meeting Procedures Local Law 2021.

  1. Questions must be brief and concise, relating to the ordinary business of the City of Stirling/function of the Council
  2. Please note that no debate or discussion will be permitted on any question or answer
  3. Questions must be asked directly to the Presiding Member at the meeting, who at their discretion may:
    • Accept or reject the question
    • Request a member of the public to re-phrase their statement in the form of a question
    • Nominate a Member of the Council and/or an Officer to answer the question.
  4. A question may be 'taken on notice' for later response, which will be provided in writing and form part of the minutes, or the following Council Meeting agenda
  5. A summary of each question and response will be recorded in the minutes.

Please note, for any questions 'taken on notice' at the meeting, the responses will be sent to the email address listed below.​

Will you be in attendance at the Council meeting?*
Attendance is not mandatory. Your questions - and accompanying answers - will appear in the Minutes of the meeting even if you do not attend the meeting.
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