City of Stirling Mountain Bike Plan

The City, in partnership with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, is seeking your feedback to plan for future mountain bike trails Closing date: 24 March 2023

The City has continued to provide new bike track and trail opportunities with facilities such as Newborough Rainer Bike Skills Trail, Dianella BMX and MTB Facility and Bina Parkland. With these facilities, the City receives on-going requests to provide more localised urban mountain bike trails.

The City is keen to offer a diverse choice of recreational opportunities within the City and recognises the increasing demand for specific mountain bike trails as opposed to the use of current skatepark and BMX tracks. The City is also aware that there are informal trails and are keen to know where they are to understand where there may be new opportunities, and even if we can formalise these existing trails.

Although the Mountain Bike Plan is specific to mountain bike facilities, the City understands that individuals may participate in both mountain biking and BMX. As such, The City has welcomed comments relating to dirt BMX tracks and jumps which will be recorded to inform any future planning for dirt BMX facilities.

The State government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries is a major supporter of Mountain Bike Trail development in Western Australia. Sport and recreation create vibrant, inclusive and connected WA communities. 

How to use the mapping tool

The map below is an interactive tool that allows you show us where you enjoy mountain biking already and to tell us what kind of trails and facilities you may or may not want to see. You can attach photos and examples to help us understand what you would like. The more the better!

Simply drag the icon(s) from the top of the page to plot locations. A comment box will automatically pop up so you can give us your ideas and attach photos.

  • Use the pink icon to comment on existing City tracks and trails
  • Use the green icon to show us where you would like to see new trails
  • Use the navy icon to comment on any unofficial trail/track locations (whether that’s to formalise an unofficial trail or to provide one in the area nearby to meet demand)
  • Use the light blue icon for any additional comments on specific locations (can include areas you don’t want to see trails).

To search for a specific address, please use the address bar.



What will the Plan achieve?

The Mountain Bike Plan will guide the development of a sustainable mountain bike trail network within the City of Stirling. It will engage with the local community, identify potential locations and provide recommendations which will lead to the tangible delivery of mountain bike trails.

Where are the current mountain bike trails?

The City has some existing facilities which are used for mountain biking (and dirt BMX). These facilities include:

  • Dianella BMX and MTB Facility
  • Newborough Rainer Bike Skills Track
  • Bina Parkland.

Have any new sites for mountain bike trails already been identified?

No new locations or designs for mountain bike trails have yet been determined by the City. This community consultation is to establish the baseline data and locations for further consideration by the City’s Mountain Bike Plan.

Two focus areas have however been identified, being the suburbs of Carine and Hamersley.

  1. Carine, and specifically Carine Regional Open Space, is identified in the Perth and Peel Mountain Bike Masterplan developed by Westcycle (link) as a priority location.
  2. The development of a local level BMX/mountain bike trail within the Hamersley Community Hub was identified by in a report to Council on the 7 December 2021 (minutes).  

As such, the City welcomes community comment on the above focus areas to guide the next stages of planning and development of trails in these locations. 

Why is your feedback important to the City?

Your feedback will help the City to:

  • Give the City baseline data which will be the foundation in shaping how future mountain bike trails will look in the City
  • Ensure future locations are developed where you are already riding or where you want to ride
  • confirm the suitability of the identified focus areas of Carine and Hamersley in line with previous community enquiries.

What level of community consultation will the City be undertaking?

This first stage of community consultation is focusing on establishing City-wide baseline data. This data will identify riding hotspots to determine potential future locations for mountain bike trails as well as what experience these trails should provide. It will also help identify areas the community do not want to have mountain bike trails.

After the first stage of community consultation, the City will look to undertake more targeted consultation on the focus areas of Carine and Hamersley.

If you want stay informed or be involved in the second stage of consultation, please register your interest here.

How long is the community comment period available for?

This initial community consultation will run for 6 weeks from the 24 January 2023 to the 6 March 2023.

More information regarding a second community consultation targeting the focus areas will be provided at a later date

Who is the City seeking feedback from?

The City is seeking feedback from anyone who currently rides or would like to ride mountain bikes and is interested in mountain bike trail development within the City of Stirling. The City also welcomes feedback from individuals who may not want trails in a particular location or who know areas where individuals currently ride unofficially.

Please note: This community consultation is seeking feedback specifically to inform the City’s Mountain Bike Plan and to improve recreational opportunities for our community. If you would like to report anti-social behaviour which you believe to be associated with unofficial trails please go to the contact us page to lodge an enquiry.

Can I provide feedback by telephone or email?

Yes, please email or phone (08) 9205 8555.

What happens after the City has received community feedback?

The City will analyse the community’s responses and develop a draft Mountain Bike Plan which will then be presented for approval.


Community consultation

January to March 2023

Review of community feedback

April 2023

Develop Mountain Bike Plan

December 2023
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For more information, or to receive this information in an alternate format, contact Leisure Planning on (08) 9205 8555.

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