Tree planting programs

The City plants around 10,000 new trees each year on street verges, in reserves and in natural areas, through a range of planting programs. By 2035 at least one tree will be planted on each and every verge in the City of Stirling, and our parks and reserves will be fully planted. 

Types of projects include:

  • Development planting as tree loss due to development is the greatest threat to canopy cover across the City
  • Verge planting targeting verges with 'hard-stand treatments' and planting trees to provide shade and cooling to combat the temperature increase from paving and synthetic turf
  • Reserve planting that includes trees in reserves, verges, buffer zones and road reserve with matching species to the local ecosystem
  • Themed avenue planting targeting avenues of trees across the City to create a green shady streetscape.

To request a street tree for your verge, lodge a customer enquiry form here.