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Use this form to register an individual or team for junior indoor soccer competition at Stirling Leisure Centres - Scarborough.


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Terms and conditions

  1. Team registration must be paid by the third week of the competition
  2. Teams are committed for an entire season - withdrawal will incur a fee. Forfeit fines apply. Please refer to the by-laws for more details
  3. Abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated at Stirling Leisure Centres and will be dealt with by management
  4. I declare on behalf of the team that we understand that taking part in any sporting games comes with the possible risk of injury and that the City of Stirling is not liable for any costs incurred by payers as a result of an injury suffered during the course of play
  5. I further, being authorised by the team, agree to fully indemnify the City of Stirling and all employees against any claims however arising which may be made against them as a result of our team's use of, participation in or presence within the premises
  6. My team and I are also aware of the by-laws that the City of Stirling has in place.

Please read the by-laws before making the declaration below.

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