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Commemorative Memorials and Plaques application form

Please use this application form to memorialise a deceased person, a folded association or final event that resided/was based/occurred within the City of Stirling, that has made a significant contribution to the City and their community.

Applications should only be submitted for consideration where there is demonstrated evidence that the person, event or association has significantly contributed to the cultural and social development of the City and its community.

Applicants are required to read the City’s Commemorative Memorials and Plaques Policy prior to ensure their application meets the selection requirements, understands the application process and fees associated, should the application be approved.

Applicant details

Please provide your information as the applicant.

Preferred contact method*

Nominee details

Please provide information about the nominee you'd like to be recognised.

Significant contribution to the City and its community

Please address each category below by providing a description of the significant contribution the Nominee has made. You will be asked to provide any available documentation to confirm the Nominee’s contributions.)

Type of recognition

Please provide information on the location and the type of recognition you are seeking.

Please select the type of recognition you are applying for*

  • Once your Application is received you will receive a formal notification from the City confirming receipt of the application along with an estimated timeframe of a formal response regarding the applications eligibility
  • If approved, the City will confirm the design and format of commemorative memorial or plaque, purchase and ongoing maintenance and repair and replacement and removal responsibilities.