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331 West Coast Drive - Development Assessment Panel (Form 1) - Mixed Use Development - Six (6) Multiple Dwellings & One (1) Commercial Tenancy. The City is not the decision maker for this development. Closing date: 26 July 2021 Follow project

The proposal for Six (6) Multiple Dwellings and One (1) Commercial Tenancy is summarised as follows:

  • A four (4) storey development comprising
  • 150m2 of Office floor space fronting West Coast Drive
  • Six (6) Multiple Dwellings ranging from two-bedroom to three-bedroom dwellings
  • The provision of 18 car parking bays at basement level
  • Vehicle access and egress is proposed from West Coast Drive and Bennion Street
  • Two (2) parking bays are proposed at ground level with access from Bennion Street.

The City is not the decision-maker for this development.

The proposal was previously refused by the JDAP on 21 July 2020. Following this, the Applicant lodged an application for review of the decision with the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). On 2 July 2021, the SAT issued orders which included inviting the Respondent (being the JDAP) to reconsider its decision, based on additional information and plans, on or before 27 August 2021. As part of this reconsideration, the City, as the Responsible Authority, is required to prepare a Responsible Authority Report for consideration of the JDAP.

This consultation will provide the City with feedback about how the local community and wider community feel about the proposal and this will inform the City’s Responsible Authority Report to the Metro Inner-North Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) who are the decision-maker for this development.

Open for comment
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How can people make a submission?

The City encourages submissions to be made during the consultation period via the brief survey, via email or in writing.

Submissions received during the consultation period will be considered as part of the City’s assessment and form part of its RAR.

Following the submission of the City’s RAR and the notification of a JDAP meeting date regarding the application, the City will notify all submitters of the JDAP meeting date and all submitters will have the opportunity to make a presentation request to the JDAP to assist the JDAP in considering and determining the application. Presentation requests will be reviewed and approved or refused by the Presiding Member and not the City.

  • Online via the above survey
  • By post City of Stirling PO Box 1533, Osborne Park WA 6916
  • In person During business hours (8.30am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday) at the City of Stirling Main Administration located 25 Cedric Street Stirling
  • By email

What do I need to quote on my submission?

Submissions can be made online through the submission form. Click on the following link to complete the submission form. Please quote DA19/2040 when making your submission.

Additionally, submissions to be made by email to:

This will provide immediate acknowledgement of your submission and assist the City to provide you with prompt notification of the JDAP meeting once listed.  If you are unable to provide a submission by email or web form, please submit your written comments by post or in person to the City before the closing date.

Submissions can be made in writing to the addresses listed in the table below. Please ensure you quote reference number DA19/2040 on any submission.

Development Services, City of Stirling, PO Box 1533, Osborne Park WA 6916

Please be advised the City does not provide responses to submissions. The City will notify all submitters in writing of the Metro North-West JDAP meeting once the meeting date has been listed by the Development Assessment Panel Secretariat.

You are invited to comment on this proposal on or before 5.00pm, Monday 26 July 2021. Please ensure you quote reference number: DA19/2040 on any submission. Late submissions will unfortunately not be able to form part of the City’s Responsible Authority Report to the JDAP.

What are the requirements around this type of development in this location?

Planning framework

On 24 May 2019, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage released State Planning Policy 7.3 (SPP7.3) with Volume 2 – Apartments as the framework to assess multiple dwelling (apartment) developments. The Policy is divided into different ‘design elements’ (for example; plot ratio, building height, street setbacks, building orientation, landscaping, visual privacy, parking). For all ‘design elements’ there are objectives that need to be met.

Unlike the previous Residential Design Codes, SPP7.3 Volume 2 does not have a ‘deemed-to-comply’ pathway which is a prescriptive approach to development assessment. Instead SPP7.3 Volume 2 provides acceptable outcomes and design guidance to assist in meeting the objectives for a more performance and design based development assessment. Further details on SPP7.3 is available on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage at the following link:

Additionally, the Mixed Use (Commercial) portion of the development is subject to Local Planning Policy 4.2 Mixed Use and Commercial Centre Design Guidelines (Adopted on 17 December 2020). The City’s Local Planning Policies can be found at the following link:

What is the process for this development?

Please be advised the City is not the decision maker for this application and the application will instead be determined by the Metro North-West Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) due to the value of works. The City’s role is to provide a recommendation to the JDAP through a Responsible Authority Report. As part of preparing the City’s Responsible Authority Report to the JDAP the City are seeking your comments on the proposal. Your comments will be included within the Responsible Authority Report to ensure that the community’s views have the opportunity to form part of the JDAP’s consideration of the proposal.

What if I disagree with the outcome of the JDAP?

In Western Australia a person who is not an applicant or a respondent is known as a ‘third party’ and there are generally no third party appeal rights in relation to planning decisions as per Section 243 of the Planning and Development Act 2005.


JDAP Meeting


Closed for consultation

Monday 26 July 2021

Opening for consultation

Monday 12 July

JDAP meeting

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Council meeting

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Deferral of the determination of this development by the Joint Assessment Development Panel

December 2020

Consideration of the application by Council and JDAP, separately. The City advises the timeframe for the consideration of the application is subject to change and may be increased if amended plans or additional information is required.

November 2020

Formal community consultation

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