Walter Hamer Eighth Reserve naming

Have your say on the naming of the Bushland reserve currently known as Walter Hamer Eighth Reserve to Inglewood Triangle Reserve. Closing date: 11 October 2020 Follow project

Please note that Tacit consent is being used as the method for determining support of the naming. By not providing an indication of your preference for the proposal your default response will be supportive. More information on tacit consent is available in the FAQs below.

The City of Stirling received a request from the Friends of the Inglewood Triangle to formally name Walter Hamer Eighth Reserve in Inglewood to Inglewood Triangle Reserve to reflect the long standing community use of the name. If the community engagement is favourable, will be submitted to Landgate, the statutory authority for naming lands in Western Australia, for a further determination on the request and formal naming.

The reserve is a 1.7ha natural bushland with examples of Banksia Woodland and 8 other tree species and a range of orchids, grass trees, grasses, reptiles and birds. 


Where is the reserve located?

The Reserve is located in Inglewood, boarded by Walter Road West, Hamer Parade and, Eighth Avenue, Inglewood

Why rename the reserve?

The request to name the reserve has come from the Friends of the Inglewood Triangle, to reflect the name already used by the surrounding community.

Who are the Friends of the Inglewood Triangle?

Friends of Inglewood Triangle is a group of people from the local community who maintain and enhance the local biodiversity within the Triangle.

What is used to assess the naming request?

For the official naming of parks and reserves an application must be made to Landgate even though the park in question is owned or managed by the City of Stirling.

Landgate use the Policies and Standards (document) for Geographical Naming in Western Australia to assess a request ensuring that the potential name isn’t already in use, isn’t a made up work or used for marketing purposes such as after a new estate etc.

It is important that names are clear to understand, are not unnecessary changes.

What is the process for naming?

  1. The City receives a request for naming
  2. Initial discussions are had with the applicant
  3. Community consultation with the wider community
  4. Agreed name is presented to Council to apply to Landgate for naming of the reserve
  5. Submit application to Landgate
  6. If approved, change of signage and opening ceremony.

How do you measure if the community is supportive?

Landgate measure community support using tacit consent which counts the total number of those surveyed against those who provide supportive and unsupportive feedback. For those who do not provide feedback it is considered that they are supportive.

E.g. 100 people surveyed, 30 people respond with support, 40 are unsupportive, 30 people provide no comment. This is measured as 60 people supporting the proposal and 40 unsupportive.

Can I suggest an alternative name?

The name ‘Inglewood Triangle Reserve’ has been suggested by the Friends of the Inglewood Triangle to reflect the commonly used name already in use by the community. As a name has already been suggested, unfortunately you are unable to suggest an alternative.

What does the current name ‘Walter, Hamer, Eighth Reserve’ reference?

Walter Road West

There is no official record on the origin of the name however it is presumed that it was named after Mr Edgar Walter Hamer agent of an English Company Gold Estates.  He was also a former member and Chairman of the Perth Road Board circa 1880's (forerunner of the City of Stirling). The road was formerly shown as Government Road as shown on Land and Surveys Map Book - 1944.

Hamer Parade

Named after Edgar Walter Hamer agent of an English Company Gold Estates.  He was also a former member and Chairman of the Perth Road Board (1899 - 1909) and (1910 - 1931) (forerunner of the City of Stirling). References - 'Diversity's Challenge - A History of the City of Stirling' by W S Cooper and G McDonald. Other street names in the district are of a similar theme.

Eighth Avenue

Named as it was the eighth avenue in Swan Location. Other street names in the area are of a similar theme.

Who is Landgate?

Landgate is the State Government Lands administration body.

Is the request to Landgate simply a formality?

No, Landgate will undertake their own assessment based on the City’s submission and will make the final call on the proposed name. 

Why do you need my contact details (name and address) in order for me to have my say?

In order to maintain an accurate account of who is supportive or unsupportive of the name change, it is important to record the details of those who have had their say.

In instances where users of a reserve, but outside of the catchment, have their say the overall number of people engaged will need to be.

On google the reserve is called Red Arrow Reserve, why isn’t that the name?

Anyone can suggest names on Google Maps with little to no fact checking undertaken and/or approvals process, hence the Google Maps name ‘Red Arrow Reserve’. As Red Arrow Reserve is not being considered as a name.


Community Engagement

September 2020

Submit to Council for approval to apply to Landgate

October 2020

Application to Landgate for formal naming

November 2020
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For more information, please contact Mitchell Davies, Recreation and Leisure Services on (08) 9205 8555.

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