Surfing WA Proposed Headquarters Trigg Beach

The City is seeking input from the local community on the new Surfing WA headquarters at Trigg Beach. This proposal comprises both the 'Ground Lease' and the design of the building. Closing date: 7 September 2020 Follow project

Surfing WA is proposing to relocate their current headquarters to a purpose built space approximately 250 metres south of its current location. Surfing WA has advised the existing facility at Trigg no longer meets its current demands or future operational and administrative needs and so a new location is required.

The proposed Surfing WA Headquarters footprint is immediately north of the existing City of Stirling ablutions and disused kiosk amenity at the southern end of the Trigg Beach (Second’s) car park. Surfing WA is not proposing any change to the ablution amenities and some grassed area with the current picnic tables and shade structures will also be retained as space permits.

The proposed new building is designed to comply with the State Governments requirements for coastal development.

The City of Stirling will enter into a 'Ground Lease' arrangement with Surfing WA (not a building lease) and has provided no capital funding for this project. Surfing WA has secured funding from the Federal Government. 

No decision had been made on what will happen with the original facilities at the northern end.


Who is Surfing WA?

Surfing WA is the governing body for surfing in Western Australia since 1964 covering all board riding codes including short boarding, long boarding, body boarding and stand up paddle. The organization is actively involved in all levels of the industry from developing educational programs and training coaches and judges to providing pathway initiatives for both young and experienced surfers through an annual events calendar and high-performance programs.

Why are they building on Trigg beach?

The existing Surfing WA Headquarters has been home to surfing since 1995 and is already located at Trigg Beach.

Surfing WA currently occupies two facilities on Trigg Beach being Surfing WA’s Headquarters (adjacent to the Trigg Island Surf Lifesaving Club) and former kiosk (used as overflow and storage) both of which are leased from the City of Stirling.

The existing facility at Trigg no longer meets the current demands or future operational and administrative needs of Surfing WA.

What will the new buildings include?

The proposed redevelopment will include administration offices, the Surf School operations area, storage facilities and training and workshop spaces. Surfing WA has secured Federal funding for the project and is working closely with the City of Stirling to ensure positive outcomes for Surfing WA and the Trigg community.

Who is paying for this development?

The development is funded from a grant received from the Federal Government.

What about sea level rise?

The proposed Surfing WA Headquarters will be a single storey, demountable design with bespoke aesthetic treatment to compliment the coastal environment. The demountable design specifically responds to the requirements of the State Government’s Coastal Planning Policy i.e. it can be relocated or removed in the event of coastal movement as a consequence of rising sea levels.

How is the City of Stirling involved?

This is not a City of Stirling development. The City manages the land where the development is going to be located and will enter into a Ground Lease with Surfing WA.

What is the approval process?

There are two parts to the approvals process for this proposal. 

Ground Lease

Council is the determining body for the proposed Ground Lease to be entered into with Surfing WA. Council will consider the matter following community consultation. 

Development Application

Surfing WA has presented the proposal to the City’s Design Review Panel and intends to then lodge a Development Application for the building.

The City will receive the application and forward to the WAPC for determination, as it’s located on Crown Land. 

When can I have my say?

Surfing WA has already been engaging with local interest groups.

The City is now advertising the proposed Ground Lease, which Council must determine, and is seeking high level comments on the preliminary building design, of which the State Government is the determining authority.

What is a 'Ground Lease'?

A ground lease is an agreement in which a Lessee (tenant) is permitted to develop a piece of land during and throughout the period of the lease. 

The improvements (buildings) are owned by the Lessee and all responsibility for repair, maintenance and capital improvements in relation to the building is the responsibility of the Lessee. 

What are the terms of the Ground Lease?

Lessor: City of Stirling

Lessee: Surfing WA

Form of Lease: Ground Lease

Initial Lease Term: 21 years from practical completion of the development

Further Term: Lessee to be granted first right of refusal for any subsequent Ground Lease term subject to the Lessee meeting various terms and conditions.

Annual Commencing Rent: $1.00 on demand

Lease Purpose: Sporting, Community and ancillary purposes required to support the operation of a State Surfing Facility.

Reinstatement: In the event the Lessee no longer occupies the premises, the Lessee will be required to reinstate the land to the satisfaction of the City of Stirling.


Application to go to the City’s Design Review Panel for feedback

July 2020

The City undertakes consultation on the proposed 'Ground Lease' and seek high level comments on the preliminary building design.

August 2020

Council to formally consider the Ground Lease.

October 2020

Development Application to be lodged, pending Council decision on the Ground Lease

November 2020

(If approved) Surfing WA to tender for construction of building and manage development

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Further information

  • Surfing WA (building design and function), contact Sara Pickering - Project Officer Surfing WA on 0419 099 553
  • City of Stirling (Ground Lease), contact Grant Ingvarson - Coordinator Building Projects (08) 9205 8445.

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