Stirling Civic Gardens Regional Playground Replacement

The playground at Stirling Civic Gardens is a popular regional level playground located in the Stirling Civic Gardens on Cedric St in Stirling and it needs to be replaced. We are seeking your comments on the final design as part of the second round of engagement with the community. Closing date: 11 October 2020 Follow project

In early 2020, we engaged with the community about a potential new playground concept to replace the existing playground. We have used the comments from this engagement to proceed to a final design concept and want to know what you think. 

Now over 20 years old, the playground is showing signs of wear and tear and is due to be redesigned and replaced and the City would like to understand what the community would like see there.

Regional level playgrounds are considered significant playgrounds by the City as they are designed to not only appeal to the local community, but also to provide an attraction for visitors from across metropolitan Perth. Regional playgrounds offer the largest, most exciting and diverse play opportunities out of all of the City’s 250 playgrounds. 

There are currently six other regional playgrounds in the City including the Scarborough Whale Playground, Yokine Playspace, Dianella Playspace, Jackadder Lake playground in Woodlands, Carine Regional Open Space Playground and Princess Wallington Reserve in Balga.

To ensure that the playground is designed to meet community needs and expectations, the City is would like understand how the community currently uses the playground and what they would like to see in the future, particularly as it relates to playground themes and types of equipment.

Why are you engaging again?

This engagement on this project comprises a number of stages. In Stage 1 we asked for big picture ideas about what the community would like to see in this play area which helped us create a more detailed design. 

Now that we have the design, we want to know what people think, now we have a draft plan. It’s important to ask for further feedback to ensure that the play experience is the best it can be and to ensure that we haven’t missed anything.

Why is the City asking for comments?

This is one of the City’s regional playgrounds which offers the most diverse play opportunities and attracts residents from across metropolitan Perth. To ensure that the playground is is meeting the needs of both local residents who use it regularly and visitors to the area, it important the community is involved in its future design.

What is a regional playground?

The City has a hierarchy of playgrounds to ensure they reflect the location, significance and level of local use and play opportunities provided. The City has more than 250 playgrounds which include ‘local’ level playgrounds, ‘major’ level playgrounds and ‘regional’ level playgrounds.

Local level playgrounds are those that you may expect to see in your local park around the corner from your home and are the City’s smallest playground offering.

Major level playgrounds are bigger and offer a more diverse play experience, and can be found in larger parks and reserves. The City has eight regional playgrounds, typically one in each ward.

Regional playgrounds offer the highest level of park ‘attraction’ and are usually larger, offer a wider range of play opportunities and visitors often stay longer. They are usually unique in some way, for example some are themed or have their own character or creative design like ‘nature playground’ or ‘pirate park’.

Who is the playground being designed for?

The City would like to understand how local residents in particular currently use the park and what they would like to see in the future, in particular how children aged three to 12 use the playground.

The City designs playgrounds for children aged between the ages of three and 12 (inclusive). The is because children aged under three rapidly outgrow age specific equipment and children over the age of 12 typically do not finding playgrounds engaging.

Will Wi-Fi be considered as part of the playground?

No, Wi-Fi  is not usually included in the City’s playgrounds. Playgrounds encourage outdoor play and engagement with the natural elements and allow opportunities for families to enjoy time together outside of the home.

There are many instances where technology and Wi-Fi makes our lives better; but it is the City’s view, Wi-Fi it would not add value in playgrounds. 

What are the supporting amenities around the playground? Will they remain?

The City is seeking comment specifically for the playground and hence there are no changes planned in the regional playground update to the supporting amenities for example public toilets, drinking fountains, off street parking, barbeques, picnic areas, pathways and bins etc. 

What will happen with my comments and feedback?

Your comments and feedback will be used to further enhance and update the design for the new playground. 

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