Stephenson Avenue Extension Project

Major earthworks are underway for the construction of Stephenson Avenue Extension Phase 1 extending Stephenson Avenue from Scarborough Beach Road up to Sarich Court in Osborne Park. Follow project

Delivered over two phases, the extension project includes the construction of a new freeway interchange and the Stephenson Avenue Road Network that runs through the middle of 55 hectares of land-locked vacant land. The forward works for phase 1 commenced in September 2020.

As well as opening up of large areas of land for development, the project will reduce traffic along Scarborough Beach Road. Reducing traffic along Scarborough Beach Road will free up road capacity for the future construction of dedicated bus lanes and ultimately a light rail system.

The project is funded by a $82.5 million commitment by the Western Australian State Government and a $82.5 million commitment by the Federal Government and is being delivered in conjunction with Main Roads WA.

  • Phase 1 Stephenson Ave, Scarborough Beach Road - Sarich Court (delivered by the City)
  • Phase 2 Freeway interchange and Sarich Court connection - Cedric Street delivered by Main Roads WA.

The project is a key component of the Stirling City Centre project which will unlock private investment in the area, relieve traffic congestion, increase employment opportunities and support future light rail in this key CBD hub.

For the latest update from the State Government on this project, read the media release.  

How is the extension being funded?

The Western Australian State Government is contributing $60 million and the Federal Government $65 million.

Will there be any disruption to my business during construction?

The work that will affect existing intersections will be done at night time or weekends to minimise disruption to business trade.

While some traffic lanes will need to be closed, traffic will be managed with detours and there will be controllers on site to help pedestrians cross roads during construction. There will need to be some night work at the intersection of Stephenson Avenue and Scarborough Beach Road to lay asphalt.

There should be no restrictions on parking, or access to business premises. Any dust caused will be carefully managed within the project site.

Construction Trucks can enter and exit the construction site via Sarich Court, Scarborough Beach Road, and the new Oswald/Howe Street links with Ellen Stirling Boulevard, and should not have any impact on business.

Will my building be damaged by the construction work?

A ‘dilapidation survey’ was carried out in February 2020 prior to commencement of any works by a consultant ‘Specialist Testing and Technical Services Pty Ltd’ who has recorded the condition of properties which could be impacted during construction.

The dilapidation survey will be issued to Densford Civil for their acceptance. A second dilapidation survey will be carried out upon the completion of the works to determine any impact on properties during the course of construction.

What happens if works do damage buildings?

Damage incurred as part of the extension will be covered by the third party insurance policy of the main contractor.

When will the dilapidation survey happen?

A dilapidation survey was carried out in February 2020. 

How will the City offset the trees and vegetation removed as part of the Stephenson Avenue extension project?

The City is committed to offset any tree loss on a 5:1 ratio by planting new trees in the close vicinity of the project. This means, for every one tree removed, five trees will be planted in its place. The City has already planted over 300 trees in and around the Stirling Civic Gardens, with additional trees to be planted along Stephenson Avenue as part of the Phase 1 construction works.


Project development phase

January 2020

Forward works quotation

February 2020

Tender advertisement main Contract Phase 1

February 2020

Council endorsement of preferred contractor for forward words and contract Phase 1

June 2020

Vegetation clearing

September 2020

Commence construction Phase 1

October / November 2020

Project completion

September 2021
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