Proposed East Roselea Structure Plan

Consultation has concluded

Planning and Development Act 2005

Proposed East Roselea Structure Plan

In August 2018, a draft Structure Plan was submitted by Parcel Property (on behalf of ABN Development No.1), S and D Agostino and Emblem Holmes as owners of several land parcels within the Structure Plan area.

The area has been identified in the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.3 as a ‘Development’ zone since 2010. As the planning for the area has progressed, the objectives of this 'Development' zone is now to:

'To facilitate development within the East Roselea Balcatta Structure Plan Area of a variety of medium to high density residential lots, public open space and a Neighbourhood Centre in the south western corner of the Structure Plan area'.

Proposed East Roselea Structure Plan

This zoning recognises the development potential for the area. However, before the area can be developed, a Structure Plan needs to be put in place, and the process for dealing with Structure Plans is outlined below:

  • Structure Plan submitted to the City
  • Community consultation and Officer assessment undertaken
  • Council considers outcomes of consultation and Officer assessment
  • Council forwards its recommendation to Western Australian Planning Commission
  • Commission approves (with or without modifications) or refuses the Structure Plan.

The purpose of the proposed Structure Plan is to enable low, medium and high density homes to be built, future public open space to be identified, and to allow a shopping centre in the south western corner of the Structure Plan Area to be built.

The Structure Plan contains a number of technical reports that need to show that the area is capable of being developed. These reports relate to matters such as traffic movements, environmental considerations and a retail impact assessment.

The proposed Structure Plan has been advertised for public comment and assessed by the City’s officers. On 20 November 2018 Council considered a report on the outcomes of advertising and the assessment of the Structure Plan, and resolved to recommend to the Western Australian Planning Commission that the proposed Structure Plan be approved.

This recommendation was on the condition that the Structure Plan was modified, and to allow additional information to be provided demonstrating that redevelopment of the area could take place, and any development impacts managed (primarily relating to local water management, changes to the road network and the need to update the traffic report; and to ensure that design issues are adequately addressed).

Details of the recommended modifications can be found in the document library.

Key modifications recommended by Council

The need to update the Local Water Management

The submitted Local Water Management needs to be updated to demonstrate that Water Management issues arising from the development of the site are acceptable. The updated documents will also need to:

  • Identify groundwater and surface water constraints
  • Confirm a suitable water source for irrigation is available
  • Identify that detailed geotechnical investigation will need to be undertaken before subdivision of land takes place
  • Address management of potential contamination and acid sulfate soils
  • Address Water Corporation requirements

Changes to the road network / traffic issues

The Structure Plan needs to be updated to address the recommendations of Council, to ensure there are no inconsistencies between the Structure Plan and the technical reports, and to address matters raised by Main Roads WA. The Structure Plan also needs to be updated to ensure there are adequate road reserve widths for roads in the Structure Plan.

Key changes to the advertised road network include moving a north - south spine road that was proposed to be located on land owned by the Macedonian Community of WA from their land onto City owned land, and creating a new road connection from the land to be developed onto Grindleford Drive at a point between Coralvine Grange and Cranberry Gardens.

This will also require other changes to the road network to ensure that the Macedonian Community of WA facilities are not impacted by a future road network.

Design matters

The advertised Structure Plan showed areas identified for development at an R60 / R80 density, and Council has recommended that these areas should have an R-AC0 coding.

This will allow the City to exercise greater control over development of these areas. Council has recommended that Local Development Plans need to be prepared for all land in the Structure Plan area. These Local Development Plans will be advertised for public comment when they have been prepared by the applicant and submitted to the City.

Additionally, to ensure that the development that abuts the proposed drainage swales along Grindleford Drive results in positive urban design outcomes, additional information will need to be provided to show how this will be achieved.

The proposed Structure Plan has been referred to the Western Australian Planning Commission for approval. Under the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, a decision was due by the Western Australian Planning Commission by the end of March 2019. This deadline was extended by agreement between the Commission and applicant to allow outstanding matters, such as local water management, to be resolved. A decision is expected in the second half of 2019.


Draft Structure Plan Submitted by Applicant

August 2018

Community consultation commences

11 September 2018

Community consultation concludes

8 October 2018

Officer review of comments received

Council considers outcomes of advertising

20 November 2018

Awaiting decision from the Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage

Structure Plan comes into effect

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