Minor Review of the Strategic Community Plan 2018 - 2028

Consultation has closed

This plan is undergoing a minor review and the City is currently seeking community feedback.

The Strategic Community Plan 2018 - 2028 sets out an ambitious and achievable vision for the development of the City in the next ten year period. It is the highest strategic document that informs the work the City undertakes by guiding Council priorities and decisions on matters such as projects, services, assets and financial management.

As per the legislative requirements of the Western Australian government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) guidelines, the City is expected to conduct major reviews of the Strategic Community Plan every four years and minor reviews in the second year of the Plan to assess the shifting community priorities, values, expectations and needs.

The aim of this minor review is to track the community’s current priorities regarding the City’s strategic objectives across the Plan’s five key results areas - social, economic, built environment, natural environment and governance.

All feedback gained through this survey will be considered, and where reflective of wider community sentiment, incorporated into the revised Strategic Community Plan.

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Draft Strategic Community Plan 2018 - 2028

Background of the Strategic Community Plan 2018 - 2028

A major review of the Plan commenced in August 2017 to ensure it still remained relevant and reflective of the community's needs. This plan undergoes frequent review to ensure it meets the needs of the community. 

For more information on the background of the plan, please see the FAQs below. 

What is a Strategic Community Plan?

A Strategic Community Plan is a long term (ten year), overarching strategy document that outlines the community’s aspirations and priorities for the future. It also sets out the key strategies required by the local government to achieve the objectives in the Plan.

Why develop a Strategic Community Plan?

Integrated planning and reporting framework

A Strategic Community Plan is a legislative requirement of the Western Australian state government’s IPR framework that has been introduced in 2011. The IPR requires the development of a ‘Plan for the Future’, comprising a ten-year Strategic Community Plan, a four-year Corporate Business Plan and supporting resource plans.

How has the Plan been reviewed to date?

In compliance with the directives of the state government’s IPR guidelines, the City has undertaken two major reviews of the Strategic Community Plan, in 2013 and 2017. Both the major reviews involved extensive community consultation, through workshops and online surveys and direct engagement with key stakeholders and the local community, Councillors and businesses. In addition to stakeholder feedback, socioeconomic trends and drivers were analysed and the Strategic Community Plan was updated to ensure that it was relevant and reflective of community aspirations.

In addition, a minor review of the Strategic Community Plan 2013 - 2023 was undertaken in 2016, to produce the Strategic Community Plan 2016 – 2026.

Similarly, a minor review of the Strategic Community Plan 2018 - 2028 is now being undertaken to see whether the community’s priorities have changed since the major review in 2017

How was the Draft Strategic Community Plan 2018 - 2028 developed?

From August 2017, more than 2,000 people were actively engaged in the major review of the City of Stirling’s Strategic Community Plan. Community members were invited to contribute via a number of channels:

  • Website Survey
  • Multicultural Framework Consultation
  • 2017 Community Perceptions Survey
  • Community Group Meetings
  • Community Workshops (Open invitation).

The City of Stirling advertised for participants in the consultation process through:

  • The City of Stirling’s Facebook page reaching over 34,491 Facebook followers
  • Three local newspapers involving two weeks of advertising
  • Direct email invitation to community groups
  • Posters and flyers distributed to all libraries, leisure centres
  • Focus story on the City of Stirling’s website.

How did the initial community feedback guide the development of this Plan?

The community feedback captured in 2017 mostly aligned with the overall objective and direction of the Strategic Community Plan 2016 - 2026. However, there were some differences in areas of priorities.

Based on participant feedback, new priority focus areas of social, economic, built and natural environment and governance were introduced in the Strategic Community Plan 2018 - 2028. Also, a number of emerging priorities were identified which is expected to change the direction for the City of Stirling over the next 10 years. These were:

  1. Community Connectedness The City recognises the importance of social connectedness and inclusivity in developing a thriving, healthy and active community
  2. Place The City is committed to developing places for today and tomorrow by providing local access to services and high-quality built infrastructure to support its diverse community
  3. Access The City will deliver sustainable transport solutions to ensure access to a broad range of local places and services. The City will also develop new online and mobile technologies to improve digital access to services for our community
  4. Sustainable The City will progress sustainable and innovative solutions supported by community education to ensure the City is waste, water and energy wise with protected and enhanced natural habitats.

New objectives and strategies have been developed to address these priorities and are included within the revised Strategic Community Plan 2018 - 2028.

New baseline measures have also been developed within the revised Plan and the City’s performance and success in future years will be measured against this.

For more information, contact Michelle Wolsoncroft, Service Lead - Strategy and Policy on (08) 9205 8973 or email michelle.wolsoncroft@stirling.wa.gov.au.