LPP 6.12 - Public Art on Private Land

Consultation has concluded

Planning and Development Act 2005

Town Planning Scheme Amendment

Local Planning Scheme No.3:- Local Planning Policy 6.12 - Public Art on Private Land

The City is advertising for public comment a draft Local Planning Policy 6.12 - Public Art on Private Land. This Policy will require developers to provide public art within their developments that have a value of over $2 million where the development is:

  • A residential development of 10 multiple dwellings or more in Residential R60 zones and higher
  • A non-residential development
  • A mixed use and non-residential development in a Special Use zone or
  • Located in a Business, Civic, Development, District Centre, Hotel, Local Centre, Mixed Business, Mixed Use, Private Institution, Regional Centre, or Service Station zone.

This Policy does not apply to:

  • Single or grouped dwelling developments
  • Multiple dwelling developments with less than 10 dwellings in a Residential zone
  • Developments in an Industry zone.

The Policy also allows applicants to make a cash-in-lieu contribution towards public art elsewhere in the City instead of providing it onsite.

More information on the policy

More information about why the City is proposing this Local Planning Policy can be found in the Council report which can be viewed by visiting the Council minutes below: 

The Local Planning Policy document details the changes to the Local Planning Scheme No.3 that the City is proposing, which is located in the Document Library.


Community consultation commences

1 May 2018

Community consultation concludes

29 May 2018

Officer review of comments received

Council considered outcomes of advertising

7 August 2018

Local Planning Policy 6.12 comes into effect if endorsed

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