Intersections of Carrington Street with First and Second Avenues

Consultation has concluded

The City of Stirling (the City) has received concerns from the community in regards to road safety issues at the intersections of Carrington Street with First Avenue and Second Avenue, and is seeking feedback from residents regarding treatments to address these concerns.

The two treatments currently being considered for implementation are:

  • Option 1 - Raised intersection platform
  • Option 2 - Traffic median islands on the side road approaches.

To have your say, please complete the survey by Friday 28 June 2019.

It is important to note that the final treatment is not necessarily constrained to one of these two options only, as residents will be given the opportunity to indicate their preference for an alternative treatment.

Owners and residents are requested to indicate their preferred treatment on the enclosed Public Questionnaire Form by Friday 28 June 2019. You can scan the completed form and send via email to or complete the online survey.

Please note that whilst all submissions will be considered in the determination of this matter, the City is expecting a large number of responses, and it will not be possible to provide a written response to individual queries. However, a follow-up letter will be provided in due course to all respondents to advise of the outcome.

Based on the feedback received during the consultation, the City will explore the possibility of receiving co-funding for the project under the National and State Black Spot programs. The project will be subject to detailed design during the 2019/2020 financial year, and listed for construction during the 2020/2021 financial year (subject to approval of funding under the normal Council budgeting process).

Useful documents

Document nameDownloadable files
Carrington Street Meeting - Presentation3.1MB (PDF)
Carrington Street Meeting - Survey442.1KB (PDF)

For more information, contact Engineering on (08) 9205 8555.