Amendment 106 - 2B Rawlins Street, Glendalough

Consultation has concluded

Planning and Development Act 2005

Town Planning Scheme Amendment

Local Planning Scheme No.3:- Amendment No.106

Rezoning of Lot 601, House Number 2B Rawlins Street, Glendalough from ‘Private Institution’ and ‘No Zone’ to ‘Residential (R100)’ and Local Development Plan

In May 2018, the City received an application to change the zoning of Lot 601, House Number 2B, Rawlins Street, Glendalough from ‘Private Institution' and 'No Zone' to 'Residential (R100)'. This rezoning proposal is known as Scheme Amendment No.106 and is intended to allow the site to be developed for approximately 97 town houses (two and three storeys), while retaining many of the existing significant trees in areas of Public Open Space.

A Local Development Plan for the Scheme Amendment area has also been prepared. A Local Development Plan is used to coordinate and assist in achieving better built form outcomes for future development.

The proposed Local Development Plan indicates how the site will be developed if the Scheme Amendment is approved, and includes provisions relating to:

  • Building setbacks
  • Garage location
  • Private open space
  • Appearance and streetscape
  • Building height
  • Visual privacy
  • Overshadowing
  • Bushfire Management
  • Noise attenuation (reduction).

It will be a requirement of the Scheme Amendment that the future development of the site complies with the Local Development Plan.


Where can I find more information about the amendment?

ore information about why the City is intending to rezone this land can be found in the Council report which can be viewed by downloading the Council Minutes located in the Document Library or here.

The Scheme Amendment document and Local Development Plan details the changes to the Local Planning Scheme No.3 that the City is proposing, which can be viewed by downloading the file in the document library.

Alternatively, copies are available for viewing during business hours (8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday) at the City of Stirling Main Administration Building located at 25 Cedric Street.


Council resolved to initiate Scheme Amendment

3 July 2018

Community consultation commences

11 September 2018

Community consultation concludes

23 October 2018

Officer review of comments received

Council considers outcomes of advertising

20 November 2018

Scheme Amendment forwarded to the Minister for Planning for a decision

29 November 2018

Decision from the Minister for Planning received

Scheme Amendment 106 and the Local Development Plan comes into effect

23 July 2019
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For more infomation, contact the City Planning Team on (08) 9205 8555.