Access to properties - Trevithick Close Stirling

Consultation has concluded

The City would like to enable a strip of land running along Telford Crescent, Stirling to be used as a road reserve so that it might be used to support vehicle access to new development sites on Trevithick Close.

The proposal relates to a 415m² part of Reserve 31325. This is in accordance with Council resolution 0618/017, which can be found on page 231 of the 12 June 2018 Council Minutes.

This 'Reserve Strip' forms part of Reserve 31325, a 'public recreation' reserve managed by the City.

The City is proposing to request the Minister for Lands to:

  • Excise the Reserve Strip from the 'public recreation' Reserve 31325
  • Dedicate the Reserve Strip as road reserve.

The Reserve Strip is adjacent to proposed new development sites.

If the City’s proposed request is granted by the Minister for Lands, this would:

  • Allow the City to manage the Reserve Strip as road reserve
  • Facilitate approvals of vehicular accesses from Telford Crescent to the new development sites over the Reserve Strip.
Access to properties - Trevithick Close Stirling

Key dates

  • Comment period opens - 6 July 2018
  • Comment period closes - 16 August 2018

For more information, contact the City's Land and Property team on (08) 9205 8555 or use the customer enquiry form.