Inglewood Character Retention Guidelines

We are trying to establish community attitudes on revisiting the planning controls that apply to the area and which are outlined in the Inglewood Character Retention Guidelines. Closing date: 9 November 2020 Follow project

The responses to the online survey showed a clear desire for the City to investigate modifying the guidelines to allow more design flexibility.

As part of this investigation, and to better understand the level of design flexibility the community supported, a community workshop was held on 27 March 2021, with all those who completed the on line survey invited to attend.

The results of the survey and workshop have been collated and the feedback of these engagement exercises will allow the City to amend the policy. An amended policy is expected to be presented to Council May 2021.


Why does the City control development in the way it does in the heritage Protection Area?

Council has previously resolved that development in the Heritage Protection Area should reflect the character and style of existing houses in the area.

Why is the City undertaking this survey?

Some community members have suggested that the development controls in the Inglewood Heritage Protection Area could be amended to provide more flexibility while still protecting the heritage character of the area.

Is the City looking at changes that will affect the streetscape of the area?

No - The City is only asking whether controls can be relaxed where development is located:

  • At the rear of existing houses
  • Fronting a laneways
  • On a corner lot. 

Will the City be looking at heritage controls in Mount Lawley and Menora?

No  - this survey applies to Inglewood only – there are no plans simular surveys in other areas.

What will happen if the community wants changes to the planning controls in Inglewood?

Council will consider the outcomes of the community consultation in February 2021, and will decide what action to take based on comments received.


Council called for a report on options to undertake community consultation with residents in the Inglewood Heritage Protection Area

December 2019

Council resolves to undertake community consultation

February 2020

Community consultation delayed due to Covid-19

April - September 2020

Initial community consultation commences

October 2020

Initial community consultation closes

November 2020

Council considers outcomes of initial consultation and decides to investigate flexibility of the policy for Inglewood following more consultation

February 2021

Community workshop

March 2021

Present draft Inglewood Character Retention Policy to Council for adoption to advertise

Date to be confirmed - anticipated May 2021

Formal advertising of the draft policy

Date to be confirmed

Present draft Inglewood Character Retention Policy to Council for final adoption

Date to be confirmed - anticipated August 2021
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Useful documents

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3.1 Character Retention Guidelines - Mount Lawley, Menora, and Inglewood3.7MB (PDF)

For more information, or to receive this information in an alternative format, please contact Neil Maull, Coordinator Schemes and Policy, City Planning on (08) 9205 8555

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