Westminster Community Food Garden

Open for consultation until 5.00pm Monday 24 February 2020

The City of Stirling would like to hear your thoughts about the future of the Westminster Community Food Garden.

History of the space and current use

The Westminster Community Food Garden is the result of a community-led initiative to create a space for people to meet and grow food together. It was built with City support in 2013 and is a combination of communal and private garden beds. Busy bees are held fortnightly, and the adjoining space is used as a play area for kids. Unfortunately, participation in the garden has steadily declined, however you can get involved in deciding it's future.

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What’s the challenge?

After 10 years of operation, the space has become underutilised as a community food garden, with low membership and participation rates.

The City is now consulting the local community about a potential new vision and purpose for the future of the space with the aim of developing a thriving, well used, community open space into the future.  

What is the purpose of the consultation?

  1. Interrogate whether the community would like to explore an alternative use for the site and what that might be
  2. Define who is interested in to get involved in its future use and what community capacity is available.

What are the options for the community space?

The City is open to all suggestions as part of this process. Some include:

  • A community bush garden
  • An art space
  • Nature play area.

Other suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

What are the next steps?

The City will collate and analyse the responses submitted via this consultation to determine the most viable suggestions. Residents who have expressed interest to participate will be contacted and supported to deliver the new plan for the community open space.

How do I provide my input?

Complete the submission form below or attend the meet and greet information session.

Your comments and responses are strictly confidential and your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

What is a community open space?

Community open spaces are places where people come together to achieve a common goal, to learn new skills and make new friends. Community open spaces are run, maintained and used by the community. To date, these include community food gardens and community bush gardens.

What are the benefits of community open space?

Social benefits include providing communities with access to recreational spaces, encouraging physical activity, building social connections and sense of community.

Environmental benefits include increasing canopy cover, improving air quality and regenerating public spaces.

What is required from the community to ensure the space can continue to be home for a community open space?

It requires the commitment from enough members of the community to create, manage and maintain the space.

Is it easy to access public land to be used as a community open space?

No. It requires creating a committee, submitting an application, submitting a report to Council to authorise the City to do a community consultation and submitting another report to Council with the outcomes of the consultation to endorse the community open space. In the best of cases, it can be a 12 month long process.

How much work will it take to redevelop the space?

It will entirely depend on what is proposed for the space, but it could be expected that it will require a number of busy bees.

What are some low maintenance options for the space moving forward?

Community bush garden, community nature play area, community art garden, etc.

What could happen if community support for this space is low?

If support for the re-vision is low, then the City will consider options that reduce the maintenance required and are consistent with the City’s Public Open Space Strategy.

Can I come and meet the people who will be running the garden and ask questions?

Yes, you can meet the community garden group and ask questions at the proposed garden site in the event listing below: 

How will the space be repurposed and designed - what will it look like?

We don’t know yet.

But there will be a focus on reusing the materials on site. The City will partner with the community to help them achieve their project.

Do you have to be a member to access the community space?

No, the community space will be open to everyone to visit and enjoy, whether they are formal members or not.

This is in keeping with the Community Garden Policy 2017.  To view the Community Garden Policy, please see the document list.

How does the City prevent vandalism in community open spaces?

In the ten years the City has been supporting community gardens, there have been limited reported instances of vandalism.

What other community open spaces, does the City support?

The City has provided funding and or support for five community garden projects on City Owned or managed land. These include, Joondanna 2009, Westminster 2012, Hamersley 2014, Inglewood 2019 and Scarborough 2019. All of these projects are still active, with two currently in development.

For more information, visit the community gardens page.

Useful documents

Document nameDownloadable files
Community Garden Policy92.2KB (PDF)