Stirling City Centre

The Stirling City Centre is located just 8 km north of the Perth CBD. When combined with the adjoining Herdsman Glendalough area, it is the largest business precinct outside the Perth CBD, in both land area and employment. With more than 40,000 local jobs available in the Centre and a mix of retail, residential and commercial use, the area is experiencing major congestion and accessibility issues.

The City has worked in collaboration with the Western Australian State Government, local community and private sector over the past 10 years and together has developed a consolidated vision for the Stirling City Centre to combat these issues.

As one of Australia’s largest urban regeneration projects, the Stirling City Centre project will alleviate the critical issues of congestion and housing affordability to improve connectivity and increase access to jobs.

Stage 1 of the Stirling City Centre project includes the construction of a new freeway interchange and the extension of Stephenson Avenue through the middle of 55 hectares of land-locked vacant land.

Following a $60 million commitment by the Western Australian State Government and a $65 million commitment by the Federal Government, delivery is expected to commence in 2019 over three phases, with different agency responsibilities, City of Stirling and Main Roads WA.

Visit the Stephenson Avenue Extension project page for more information about Stage 1.

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Stirling City Centre

Learn about the City of Stirling’s exciting Stirling City Centre vision, and the first stage of its delivery, the Stephenson Avenue Extension Project.

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    Despite the artist's impression of the Stirling City Centre having buildings with rooftop gardens (top of page,, I find no reference to this in any of the LDP documents. This project represents a perfect opportunity to mandate rooftop gardens, which have many benefits (I need not outline them all here) and would help increase the City's canopy (if the canopy definition also included such rooftop gardens). Given that the City has an Urban Forest Plan (which mentions nothing about rooftop gardens, btw) and a Local Biodiversity Strategy (which likewise does not mention rooftop gardens), mandating rooftop gardens (on industrial buildings, apartment blocks etc) would be a great addition to those Plans and the City generally. Will the City consider mandating rooftop gardens in the LDPs for the Stirling City Centre/Stephenson Avenue Extension project?


    Rooftops are not considered by the City to be a practical space to contribute to the urban canopy target as the size of trees and their life spans are impacted by the growth conditions of the rooftop environment and size of soil zones. Notwithstanding this, rooftop gardens are an element the City does support to contribute to open space requirements. While not specifically mandated for, the provision for rooftop terraces already exists in all the Local Development Plans within the Stirling City Centre. Therefore, a rooftop terrace or garden can be considered as part of any future development application within the Stirling City Centre Structure Plan Area.


    Hi, I have heard that the council is planing on making Scarborough Beach Road single lane instead of double lanes. Will this make more traffic spill onto smaller local streets in the suburbs of doubleview and scarborough? How is the council going to stop the flow of traffic of an already congested scarborough beach road into neighbouring streets? I realise you are hoping for a light rail, but that may never eventuate and believe it is ridiculous to halve the traffic on a major road knowing full well it will impact our neighbourhood. Please reconsider or we will need more traffic calming on our streets to stop the rat running.


    Thank you for your enquiry regarding future traffic lanes for Scarborough Beach Road. I can confirm that the Scarborough Beach Road West Activity Corridor Integrated Transport Strategy indicates that both the current traffic volumes, and future traffic projections for Scarborough Beach Road to the west of Odin Road (as taken from the Main Roads traffic modelling) can be accommodated in one lane to the west of St Brigids Terrace. This suggests that there is unlikely to be any further increases in traffic on surrounding streets if Scarborough Beach Road is modified to accommodate one traffic lane and one transit lane to the west of Saint Brigids Terrace. Please note that in any case that the single traffic lane and the single transit lane on Scarborough Beach Road to the West of Saint Brigids Terrace will not be delivered in the near future.

    Please note that the Scarborough Beach Road West Activity Corridor Integrated Transport Strategy also specifies that the traffic volumes on Scarborough Beach Road to the east of Saint Brigids Terrace (current and projected) require that the two traffic lanes be retained in addition to the new transit lane. The road reservation width in this location is 30.6m which can accommodate two traffic lanes in each direction, two transit lanes, cycle lanes and a widened footpath.


    What is happen on Karrinyup road?


    The construction works currently being undertaken on Karrinyup Road are related to the redevelopment of the Karrinyup Shopping Centre.  These works (paid for by the developer) were required as a condition of development approval for the shopping centre redevelopment and will prioritise bus movements through busy intersections to make travelling to the shopping centre by public transport quicker more appealing.


Council resolved to adopt the Stirling City Centre Structure Plan

State Government commits funding to the Stephenson Avenue Extension Project

Federal Government commits funding to the Stephenson Avenue Extension Project

Community updated on progress of Stirling City Centre

Stage 1

Commencement of Stephenson Avenue Extension Project and freeway interchange

Stage 2

More details to come
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