Stephenson Avenue Extension Project

The Stirling City Centre project is designed to accommodate the growth of the City in a way that allows for people to live, work and play locally. The first stage of this exciting project is the construction of Stephenson Avenue extension.

Delivered over two phases, the extension project includes the construction of a new freeway interchange and the Stephenson Avenue Road Network that runs through the middle of 55 hectares of land-locked vacant land.

As well as opening up large areas of land for development, the project will reduce traffic along Scarborough Beach Road. Reducing traffic along Scarborough Beach Road will free up road capacity for the future construction of dedicated bus lanes and ultimately a light rail system.

Following a $60 million commitment by the Western Australian State Government and a $65 million commitment by the Federal Government, delivery is expected to commence in 2020 over two phases, with different agency responsibilities, City of Stirling and Main Roads WA:

  • Phase 1 Stephenson Ave, Scarborough Beach Road - Sarich Court connection (delivered by the City)
  • Phase 1A Sarich Court connection - Cedric Street (delivered by the City)
  • Phase 2 Freeway interchange (delivered by MRWA).


What is the current status of Phase 1 (Scarborough Beach Road – Sarich Court connection) of the Stephenson Avenue Extension?

The first phase of the project is currently under design development and is scheduled to start early 2020, subject to regulatory approvals.

When will construction commence for Phase 1 (Scarborough Beach Road – Sarich Court connection) of the Stephenson Avenue Extension?

Construction is expected to commence for Phase 1 by early 2020.

When is Phase 1 (Scarborough Beach Road - Sarich Court connection) of the Stephenson Avenue Extension expected to be completed?

Completion of Phase 1 is expected by the end of 2020.

What is the expected time frame for the delivery of Phases 1A and 2 of the Stephenson Avenue Extension?

Phases 1A and 2  of the Stephenson Avenue Extension are anticipated to begin in 2022, subject to regulatory approvals and Main Roads WA design development.

How will the City offset the trees and vegetation removed as part of Phase one of the Stephenson Avenue extension project?

The City will endeavour to offset any tree loss on a 5:1 ratio by planting new trees in the close vicinity of the project. This means, for every one tree removed, the project will try to plant five trees. 

As a number of trees will be removed as part of Phase 1 of the project, the City  has already planted approximately 300 trees in and around the Stirling Civic Gardens  in July 2019, with an additional 220 trees to be planted along Stephenson Avenue as part of the Phase 1 construction works.

Additional questions


Will Phase 3 of the project also include pedestrian access between Stirling Station, Sunray Drive (Ikea area) and Sarich Court? i.e. will walking from Sarich Court directly to Stirling Station via Sunray Drive be possible? (I am employed on Sarich court, and this will make commuting via train much easier, as there are limited access options presently).

Drew123 asked 15 days ago


Thanks Andrew for your question. 

The pedestrian access between Stirling Station, Sunray Drive (Ikea area) and Sarich Court is expected to be provided after the completion of Phase 3 as part of Stirling City Centre Project. You can learn more about the wider Stirling City project here.


Why so many cross streets? Surely reducing congestion isn't done by adding more intersections. Oswald joining Stephenson is fine, as that is already a major intersection, and will allow Innaloo shops traffic to get to freeway North (or Cedric East) easier. Road D and G can be removed, waste of time and energy! Even Howe is a bit of overkill. Maybe it is required for IKEA. Would like to see both Howe and Oswald traffic from the freeway, only stop at lights if turning right (towards Innaloo shops).

Leer asked about 2 months ago


Hi Leer and thank you for your email.

The Stephenson Avenue Extension Project (Phase 1) includes extension of Stephenson Ave from Scarborough Beach Road to Sarich Court, and Howe St and Oswald St connecting roads to Ellen Stirling Boulevard.

I will like to clarify that as part of phase 1 only these two cross streets are being built and Roads D and G are not part of the project.

There has been detailed traffic modelling. The four cross streets will support future developments in line with the Stirling City Centre Structure Plan.

Further, as has been shown in other city centres, a fine-grained network of streets provides the best balance of accessibility and amenity.


Hi Guys, Will there be or could you consider the bike path in the project? The current configuration of coming all the way to the city offices and then back to the freeway is inefficient and a lot slower than a direct path. Also dangerous crossing at Cedric St. Cheers, Steve asked 7 months ago


Hi Steve, thank you for your question. 

Main Roads WA will deliver the phase of the Stephenson Avenue Extension project that addresses this bike path, and the concept design is currently under development. 

The design proposes to improve the existing Principal Shared Path (PSP) network and more information will be available as the design is progressed further. You can subscribe for updates here.

You may also be interested to know improvements to the PSP network closer to the City are currently underway as part of Main Roads’ Mitchell Freeway Southbound Project which is now in construction - details are available here.


Council resolved to adopt the Stirling City Centre Structure Plan

State Government commits funding to the Stephenson Avenue Extension Project

Federal Government commits funding to the Stephenson Avenue Extension Project

Community updated on progress of the Stephenson Avenue Extension Project

Stage 1

Stephenson Avenue Road Network and freeway interchange

Phase 1 commences (delivered by City of Stirling)

December 2019 - Completed detailed design and statutory approvals January 2020 - Tender for forward works March 2020 - Start forward works April 2020 - Complete forward works January 2020 - Tender main contract Phase 1 May 2020 - Award contract Phase 1 May 2021 - Complete construction Phase 1.

Tender for forward works

January 2020

Phase 2 commences (delivered by Main Roads)

Tender advertised and awarded Construction commences Construction completed

Stage 2

More details to come
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